10 Signs That S/he’s Not In Love With You But Using You To Catch Cruise

10 Signs That S/he’s Not In Love With You

You may be falling for her and she doesn’t feel the same way towards you. Finding love, in this day and age where most people are only driven by what they want to get, can be a daunting task. When you finally find one, keeping it is another hurdle to cross. Does that mean you shouldn’t fall in Love? Nahhhhhh.

But you want to be sure that the person in question is returning the same level of energy you are giving

Here are 10 signs s/he’s not in love with you but just using you to catch cruise

1 You can feel something is slightly off. 

10 Signs That S/he's Not In Love With You

You have intuition, don’t kid yourself. You know when something doesn’t feel completely right and if that’s the case then there’s definitely something wrong in the relationship.

Now, this doesn’t completely mean that s/he’s using your head, it could be a sense of something else, but the point is, you feel it inside of you.

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2. S/he doesn’t commit to any long-term plans. 

Whenever you bring up long term conversations, s/he just stylishly evades it and wants to discuss something else.  It means s/he doesn’t see a future with you. s/she just wants to enjoy the moment

3. Your conversations are skin deep.

You don’t really get into an intense conversation, nothing that makes you feel emotionally connected. You’ll talk about your day, work, friends, but nothing that will make him/her open to you emotionally. S/he doesn’t talk about his/her childhood, anything personal going on in his/her life now, or how s/he feels about you.

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4. S/he’s slow to reply to you.

Whether it’s via text message or phone call, s/he’s not quick to get back to you. Of course, some people are too bus y at work to reply, but you always have a minute to quickly reply to someone you care about. Especially in today’s world where we’re all glued to our phones. Worst of all, s/he posting on social media

So if s/he takes hours to reply, s/he doesn’t really care. Take note.

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5. S/he doesn’t remember the little details.

We all know how important the small things are when it comes to relationships. These little details that we know about the other person make all the difference. But s/he doesn’t remember the small things.

Maybe you had an important meeting today, but s/he never asked you how it went because s/he didn’t remember.

6. You don’t feel safe.

She’s not going to kill you in the middle of the night, that’s not what I’m talking about. But when you are around him/her, you don’t feel secure with yourself or the relationship.

You feel that s/he’ll leave when s/he has a better opportunity presents itself.

Since you’re reading this, you know quite well what this feeling is like.

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7. S/he mentions her ex frequently.

Of course, we all mention our exes from time to time, especially if we spent a lot of time with them in the past. These are people we cannot simply avoid, they’re in our memories.

But, if s/he’s going on and on about her ex, well, s/he’s clearly not over him/her.

This is a huge sign that shows you, you’re not the one.

10 Signs That S/he's Not In Love With You

8. There’s no affection.

Unless you’re in the bedroom. When you have sex, s/he displays signs of affection, however, when you’re out in public or talking to each other one-on-one, s/he’s cold. There’s no physical contact or sweet words exchanged between you. If anything, s/he’s making sure s/he doesn’t cross over the line.

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9. You’ve been warned.

Well, if you’ve been warned then come on, comrade. If people around you are telling you s/he’s no good and that s/he’s done this before, you fell into this on your own. S/he’s probably cute and the sex is good, so why would you stop something that’s going well for you? This is why! You really need to focus on these signs. It’s just pure cruise


10. S/he’s not there in your time of need

10 Signs That S/he's Not In Love With You

Maybe you had a rough day at work or a fight with a friend. These are the times when you turn to your partner to console and support you. But alas, s/he’s nowhere to be found. And that’s because s/he actually doesn’t care about any of it. Call her when you’re feeling better so you don’t rain on her parade.




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