10 Struggles of Females stuck in the friend zone.

It’s a popular belief that guys hardly zone girls and this is not entirely true. Some ladies will be stuck in that “prison” forever, others might be able to break free but whatever the case, here’s a list of the top 10 struggles of females stuck in the friend zone.

1. The struggle of being a stalker.

10 Struggles of Females stuck in the friend zone.

Girl! In as much as you hate to be termed a stalker, you are actually stalking! You’re a stalker. You become a self-assigned and acclaimed FBI agent who finds out your crush’s every move.

You follow him across all social media platforms, you have his number, you know his friends, his family members, his favourite sports, his ex from two years ago, in fact, all his exes, his everything!

The only thing you don’t know is probably if he likes you and wants you just as much as you want him. You might just die from stalking him if you don’t shoot your shot.

2. The struggle of seeing him want someone else.


10 Struggles of Females stuck in the friend zone. | Sequl Squid

So you probably haven’t summoned the courage to let him know how you feel about him and you’re really thinking of how to shoot your shot and boom, he’s loving up someone, someone that is not you.

Even worse, if you both are already friends and then he tells you his interest in the other girl. You have to pretend you’re cool with it and happy for him. Hug your pillow to sleep dear, the sun shines in the morning.

3. The struggle of overthinking everything.

10 Struggles of Females stuck in the friend zone. | Sequl Squid

Yes, very typical. You go just dey ‘calcu’ everything. ‘He replied my text so fast, maybe he actually likes me too’, ‘he sent me a good morning text’, ‘he sent me pictures unprovoked’, ‘he called to check up on me’, ‘did he mean I’m beautiful?’, ‘he remembers my birthday!’ LOL. Calm down dear, there’s a high chance he’s just a nice person like that and doesn’t intend to be in a relationship with you.

4. The struggle of being an ass kisser.

10 Struggles of Females stuck in the friend zone. | Sequl Squid


So, now that you really like him and crush on him but you can’t seem to tell him, you then choose (knowingly or unknowingly) to be an ass kisser.

Everything he says makes so much sense, every joke he tells is funny, you like whatever he likes, he can never do wrong. Common girl! Get a hold of yourself. Because he’s your crush doesn’t mean he’s perfect and that he’s all intelligent! Are you even sure, you both have the same values???

5. The struggle of wanting him after you rejected him at first.

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This is quite common. A guy tells you he likes you and wants something serious with you but you outrightly decline because you don’t see the picture.

You don’t like him enough to want something serious. After a good amount of time, because you’re conscious he likes you and made his intentions known, you probably start to like him back just as much and want a relationship as well.

But there’s a problem, you either can’t tell him you now like him and he’s not bothering to make a second attempt or you tell him and he outrightly also tells you he doesn’t want to be in a relationship with you anymore; do me, I do you, man no go vex! 😂

6. The struggle of see finish.

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When I say see finish, I mean when he already knows too much about you and doesn’t think it’s a good idea to be in a relationship with you. This isn’t about you being a bad person or not his type. He’ll tell you about how you guys are so close he sees you as a ‘sister’. Even wild, this so-called brother might have done some nasty things with his ‘sister’, now you could be guilty of incest.

Although it is not very common that guys would see you as a ‘sister’ since they would readily say yes when you shoot your shot, especially if you’ve bonded well enough.

7. The struggle of getting caught up in talking stage or FWB (Friends With Benefits).


So, my dear friend, you’ve summoned courage and told your crush exactly how you feel and what you want, he’s feeling you too but thinks you guys have to know each other better for a relationship to work.

But alas, you remain knowing each other better for another decade; talking stage wey no dey end. Or even worse, he tells you he doesn’t want to be in a relationship but you guys can be ‘friends with benefits’ (FWB). Sister girl!

Don’t you ever think you can make it serious later if you start with FWB, Nah, DON’T. You’ll just keep hurting because that’s not what you want!

Tip: If talking stage takes too long, it’s advisable you reiterate the purpose of the ‘talking stage’ and if it’s not forthcoming, please don’t persist, just let go.

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8. The struggle of ruining and losing the friendship.

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Other times, you let him know your intentions and he makes it clear it can’t happen so you settle for being just friends with the hope that things might change in the future. The future comes, you make a second attempt and it’s still the same thing, he doesn’t want to be in a relationship with you. You can’t persist because you might just lose the friendship and I bet you don’t want that.

9. The struggle of dealing with awareness.

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By awareness, I mean he’s aware that you want him, and so are his friends and your mutuals. They make jokes about you being together and tease you both but you already know it won’t happen because he just doesn’t want you.

This is one of the hardest because it makes every hang out awkward. Everyone is happy in pairs except you both. Usually, in no time, you lost touch and don’t want to be around him or any of them anymore.

10. The struggle of a failed relationship.

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If I could conduct a research on this, I would. As some guys won’t turn you down if you shoot a shot, there’s a high chance of a failed relationship after that.

The relationship could fail due to so many factors, one of it being that he never really liked and respected you, he just wanted whatever you would bring to the table and jumped on the opportunity, your core values may differ greatly and compromise is not even an option.

So dear, before you shoot that shot, take your time, read the lines, engage him, and see if it’ll be worth it or you’ll be in for a rough ride.




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