11 Bizarre Facts About Your Teeth That Are Actually True

Your teeth are with you for your entire life… well, depending on your hygiene and age. Most times, people don’t pay attention to them unless they are cleaning them or they have a toothache and need to visit the dentist. We have put together  11  bizarre facts about your teeth that are actually true.

1. Your Dominant Hand is Also Your Dominant Chewing Side

Right-handed people tend to chew on their right side while left-handed people will likely chew on their left side

11 Bizarre Facts About Your Teeth
11 Bizarre Facts About Your Teeth


2. Teeth Are Stronger Than Bones

I bet you didn’t know that. Most people believe that bones are the strongest part of the human body, but the tooth enamel on the exterior of teeth is actually the strongest and most durable part of the body. They can last for up to 100 years

11 Bizarre Facts About Your Teeth
11 Bizarre Facts About Your Teeth | Teeth are stronger than bones

3. Most part of the Tooth Isn’t Visible

Two-thirds of the tooth is buried underneath the gums. Only one-third of the tooth is visible.

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4. Brushing Your Teeth Only Cleans 60% Of Your Teeth

Brushing your teeth only cleans 60% of your teeth. Flossing takes care of the remaining 40%. Now you see why it’s important to floss?

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5. Teeth Start Forming in the Womb

Yep. You read that right. Even though they don’t show up until later, The first stage begins while you were 6 weeks old in your mama’s belle. They are patiently waiting, in the gums, for their time to shine.

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6. Teeth Are Like Fingerprints

They’re uniquely yours. No two teeth are alike. Everyone’s teeth are unique to the individual, just like fingerprints. This is why in developed countries, dental records are sometimes used to identify human remains.



11 Bizarre Facts About Your Teeth
11 Bizarre Facts About Your Teeth | Teeth are like fingerprints, no two teeth are alike


7. Plaque Contains 200-300 Species of Bacteria

Your mouth is home to 300 types of bacteria. Plaque contains millions of bacteria, made up of 200 to 300 different species. So, you know, brush those teeth, comrade


8. Soft Drink Accelerates Tooth Decay

For those of you that can’t go a day without taking a soft drink, just know that drinking three or more glasses of soft drink a day contributes to 62% more tooth decay, fillings, and tooth loss. Drink water instead.

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9. We Spend 38.5 Days Brushing Teeth in a Lifetime

Imagine a person brushing for 38.5 days non stop. Weird right? That’s the average number of days we spend brushing our teeth in a lifetime. It sounds like a lot of time when it’s put that way.

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10. The Average Person Brushes for 45 Seconds a Day

On average, we only brush our teeth for 45 to 70 seconds a day. However, it’s recommended that you brush your teeth for two to three minutes a day.


11. Saving a Knocked-Out Tooth

If one of your teeth are knocked out, you can save the tooth if you jam it back in your gum within five minutes of it falling out.


11 Bizarre Facts About Your Teeth
11 Bizarre Facts About Your Teeth



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