12 Popular Lies Most Nigerians Tell

Below are the 12 Popular Lies Most Nigerians Tell

1) I’m almost there.

They said this five hours ago but still haven’t shown up

12 Popular Lies Most Nigerians Tell

2) I’m stuck in traffic I will be there soon.

Every Nigerian is guilty of this especially Lagosians. When you hear this, just know that they are not showing up anytime soon

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3) Just come we will only talk. Don’t go, sis…

Dear sister, when a boy tells you this just know that they have plans. They have a script  ooo

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10 Popular Lies Most Nigerians Tell

4) It’s just the tip. Just the tip.

It’s a trap sis… Don’t fall it. It will be a full thrust.

10 Popular Lies Most Nigerians Tell

5) Tell me the truth, I won’t beat you:

African parents say this a lot. They want you to confess your crime so they have a legit reason to deal with you. Once you tell them the truth, you will receive the beating if your life.

10 Popular Lies Most Nigerians Tell

6) I didn’t do all this boyfriend-girlfriend till I married.

this is their version of the birds and bees conversation!


7) I have counted all the meat and one is missing

Some mothers tell this one to catch an unsuspecting ‘soup raider’

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8) Lend me money, I will give you back

Any attempt to ask for the money will lead to you hearing the story of your life. Your mom would remind you how she carried you in her belly for 9 months, others will say “shey na because of this small money you dey shout?’


9) I will buy you a bicycle if you come first in class

When you get that first position they will remind you of everything they bought you since you were born or find other excuses


10) When I was your age I always came first

If every parent came first, who came second?

11 Popular Lies Most Nigerians


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11) Go and wear your shoes, I’ll wait.

– Yes children fall for this all the time, wanting to follow Mum or dad out…by the time the shoes are on Mum has raptured.


12) I can’t live without you.

The person that said this to you years ago is currently living without you.
12 Popular Lies Most Nigerians Tell500

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