12 Unbelievable Scams That Are Common In Nigeria

There have been different types of scams throughout history. From financial, to relationship to investment to political… oops!! did I say political? that was a mistake. While most people fall into these scams due to greed, others fall into it due to their ignorance.

Without further ado, let’s “dive” into the 12 unbelievable scams that are common in Nigeria

1. The ‘Nigerian Prince’ Internet Scam

There are several Internet scams that have been around for several years.

The ‘Nigerian Prince’ is probably the longest. It was estimated by CNBC that the scam rakes in over 700,000 dollars annually. Wow!!

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2. Anti Aging Product

Why is there even an anti-aging product in the market? Like how do people buy these products?

You’re gon get old, fam. You want to be old mama/papa youngie? the scammers target the old people, especially the sugar mummies that want to look young to attract jigolos (If you don’t know the meaning, consult the urban dictionary).

Truth be told, some of these products work but most of them are harmful, worthless, and filled with dangerous chemicals.


3. Real Estate

This is like the most common of all. There are thousands of Fake real estate agents everywhere.

Most of them take down payments or deposits from people trying to buy or rent a home. They are supposed to hold the money until the deal closes.

However, when it comes to time to sign the paperwork, the real estate agent is nowhere to be found and the victim’s money is gone. Or if the victim is unable to complete the payment, no land, no refund. real estate properties scam 1

4. Job Offer scam

Job seekers are often hopeful and naive. Currently, there are almost as many scams as there are real jobs online. Some send messages via SMS (Only God knows how they get those phone numbers) or mails to their victims asking them to come for an interview or training.

Once the job seekers’ get there, they offer them a boring presentation and then ask them to pay some money to access some premium materials which will qualify them for some jobs.

job offer

5. Slim Fit Products

Similar to anti-aging products, the scammers target the obese or people who think they are too fat, especially ladies.

You want to slim down? Hit the gym, dear. Using these products has ended in premium tears for most of their victim.


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6. Strip Club Scam

The establishment usually promotes adult entertainment or bottle services for a selected price to lure in customers.

Some bars have also been found guilty of watering down alcoholic drinks or charging highly inflated prices.

Some strippers end up providing poor services and eventually stealing from their victims.


7. Ponzi Scheme

Nigerians will never forget MMM, ultimate cycler, and most recently, giftaworld in a hurry.

This scam lures victims with funds from newer victims, which leads the victim to believe that more profits are coming. Oh, dear!!

12 Unbelievable Scams That Are Common In Nigeria
12 Unbelievable Scams That Are Common In Nigeria
8. Mail Scam

This should be under internet scam but we decided it should stand alone. The scammers send a mail with an interface similar to a popular or large corporation.

Once the victim clicks a link in the mail, the scammer will then gain access to the victim’s information. Remember uncle Invictus Obi?

phishing email scam

9. Fortune Telling/Fake Religious leader fraud

Have you ever walked on the street and then someone walks up to you shaking head like agama lizard saying “there is something special about you, sister but your great grandmother is the reason why you are broke” yes. those people, they inform their ‘clients’ that he or she is cursed and then charge a large fee to break the curse

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10. Phone call fraud

“Hello… Have you forgotten me…? It’s me na…” Yes, it’s you. Scammer oshi! You better go find work. Tscheew.

They call their victim, posing as some relatives and then introducing their victims to some mouthwatering deals.

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11. Romance Scam

Romance scam get different categories ooo… Sometimes, it doesn’t hurt financially but emotionally.

Many of us don experience heartbreaks sha, but we move.  Romance scam is not limited to just physical relationship. It also someone pretending to love another online


12 Unbelievable Scams That Are Common In Nigeria
12 Unbelievable Scams That Are Common In Nigeria
12. Fake Social Media Life Scam

Everywhere you turn to online, you see different flamboyant lifestyles, tensioning people. Most of these lifestyles are FAKE.

This kind of lifestyle has led so many people to depression and even suicide.

12 Unbelievable Scams That Are Common In Nigeria


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