15 Surprising Places Where Bacteria Thrive That You Won’t Believe

It’s a common belief that bacteria are present only in places that look dirty. This is nor true. Bacteria can be found in seemingly clean places as well. You will be surprised to find out about the places bacteria flourish.

It’s essential to state that not all bacteria are harmful, some can actually be beneficial to your health.

Below we reveal 15 surprising places where bacteria thrive that you won’t believe. We also added tips on how you can combat them because we ‘badt like that’ *wink*

1. Money

This is the number one carrier of bacteria and germs. Money changes many hands before it reaches yours. Since you can’t ascertain the hygienic condition of the hands touching the money before it gets to you, it’s safe to say that notes carry plenty of germs and bacteria.

According to research, money carries more bacteria than a toilet. Often, banknotes and coins feature bacterias like salmonella, E. coli, and staphylococcus aureus, all of which can cause serious illness.

Wash your hands after touching money. Avoid contact with your eyes, nose, and mouth to avoid any infection.

dirty naira notes

2. Sheets and Comforters

You know how you find your bed so cozy? Bacteria and germs find it cozy as well. They prey on the dead skin, which we shed while sleeping

Dusting your sheets and comforter before and after use, and washing them at least every week, can help prevent bacteria from accumulating.



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3. water bottle

We generally like to improve our physical health, hence the reason we hit the gym.#FitfamThings. However, failing to effectively clean out your water bottle post-workout could lead to you ingesting the potentially harmful bacteria which swarm its surface. #Fitfam may turn #fitfail

Washing your water bottle after use can prevent bacteria from thriving on it


4. Pet Toys

We understand most of you love your pets. However, understanding the extent to which their toys carry bacteria is extremely important. If you don’t take action to wash, sanitize, and disinfect these pet toys, you’re likely to welcome bacterial infections for yourself and your family.

Scrub your pet’s hard toys with a light bleach solution alongside soap and water. For the soft toys, throw them inside the washer.

indoor dog toys


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5. Cafeteria

We all love to eat out sometimes, no doubt. It is worthy of note that the influx of people moving in and out of this place while eating, talking, coughing, sneezing, and doing all sorts of other things makes this place a hub for bacteria.

Food that falls onto the ground, spilled drinks, and various other such incidents increase the germ accumulation.

We recommend you to use sanitizer for your hands and try cleaning your sitting area with a disinfectant wipe if possible. Most importantly, wash your hand thoroughly before and after a visit to the cafeteria


6. Light Switches

Light switches are everywhere. They are in your office, your house, your grandparents and so on. That pretty much means everyone has access to it. Even random people can access light switches and handle them, and you have no idea what their sanitary status is.

Clean the light switches with disinfectant wipes and wash your hands thoroughly after touching the light switches.

light switch

7. Cell Phone

You hold your cell phone almost all the time. Some people even use their cell phones in the restroom. You wash your bum bum, probably forget to sanitize your hand then jump on Instagram to see who liked the picture you posted moments ago. My dear, you are exposing yourself to numerous germs. Fecal aerosol from flushing also infects your cell phone with harmful bacteria.  It is said that your cellphone is seven times dirtier than your toilet seat

During the day, you eat, sneeze, cough, and touch different surfaces while using your cell phone, thus exposing it to all kinds of germs and bacteria.

We highly recommend that you wipe your phone with an antibacterial cloth or disinfectant spray at least once a day. Wash your hands before eating and avoid using your phone during your meal. Most importantly, DO NOT TAKE YOUR PHONE  WITH YOU WHEN YOU GO TO SHIT.

120318 dirty phone toilet seat


8. Faucet Handles

Faucets handles are very hard to keep clean because you cannot wash your hand before touching these. The germs and grime brought by different people’s hands result in dirty faucet handles, which most people careless to clean afterward.

After washing your hands, clean and disinfect your faucet handles thoroughly with antibacterial wipes and also wipe your hands


9. Keyboard and Mouse

These two places are like hubs for bacteria and germs. You are likely to leave tiny food crumbs all over the place while eating and working on your computer. These food particles are enough for bacteria to party on.

Similarly to your mobile phones, sneezing, coughing, eating, touching the keyboard and computer without clean hands, and many other activities during its use can lead to a large gathering of bacteria. You don’t want to get sick just because you were not careful with your gadget’s use.

Wash your hands thoroughly before and after using the keyboard. You can also use disinfectant sprays available in the market, which are safe to use with these gadgets.

apple keyboard apple mouse background brown

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10. Kitchen Counters

It’s safe to say that bacterias party on kitchen counters because a lot of foodstuff and crumbs remain there after use.

A Spray disinfectant solution (bleach and water) on the countertop, let it air dry, or wipe it down with a clean cloth.

cluttered counters

11. Backpacks

You usually put out your backpack on numerous surfaces oblivious to the fact that thees places may contain germs and bacteria. Sweating while carrying your backpack can also lead to the accumulation of germs of the backpack

Lots of germs and bacteria can flourish on the base and the outer surface of the backpack.

Avoid touching your mouth, eyes, and nose after handling your backpack.  If the backpack is washable, wash it once every week. If not, wipe it down regularly with an antibacterial/disinfectant cloth and also use sanitizer after handling your backpack

15 Surprising Places Where Bacteria Thrive

12. T.V Remote

This is like the most popular item in the house. Everyone wants to keep a hold on it, flipping through various TV stations, in search of an interesting program to watch. My dear, for this reason, a TV remote contains numerous germs and bacteria. Everyone is touching this magical device, yet not everyone is careful with the cleaning of hands. You never know what kind of germs remain on someone’s hands, even your relative.

Moreover, the TV remote falls on the floor, sometimes plays hide and seek with you by hiding behind your chair, gets stuffed somewhere. All these situations result in germs and bacteria accumulation on it.

We highly recommend you use a disinfectant wipe to sanitize it thoroughly, or spray and then wipe it clean. Additionally, always wash your hands before handling your remote.

15 Surprising Places Where Bacteria Thrive

13. Dish Sponges and Rags

The sponges you use for washing your dishes are a hotbed for bacteria. These dirty sponges provide the ideal condition for them to flourish. Studies revealed that dirty dish sponges contain yeast, mold, and even staphylococcus in some cases.

Using them to wash your dishes is like circulating the germs from one utensil to another. Similarly, dishcloths also accumulate germs and bacteria from repeated use.

We would recommend you to opt for a reusable dishcloth instead of using a regular dishcloth. And If you still prefer using a rag, wash it with hot water every one or two days.

For cleaning your dish sponge, you can microwave your wet sponge for a minute or two, or boil it for a couple of minutes to allow it disinfect. We highly recommend you change your dish sponge every two weeks.

15 Surprising Places Where Bacteria Thrive

14. Kitchen Sink

Isn’t it funny that ironic that the place you do most of the cleaning is one of the dirtiest of all? Oh Yes, you heard that right. The kitchen sink ranks in the top five when it comes to places where bacteria throw parties.

Unwashed in the sink, it invites the rapid multiplication of harmful bacteria. and some people can leave their dishes unwashed for days. Additionally, you wash dirty veggies, raw meat, and various other things in your sink. All the filth that goes down the pipe results in plenty of bacteria.

Clean your sink at least twice a week and pay close attention to its sides, the strainer, and the bottom. In addition to scrubbing these areas with a good disinfectant, mix a solution of one spoon of bleach with a quarter cup of water, and pour it down the drain.

15 Surprising Places Where Bacteria Thrive


15. Doorknobs, Handrails, and Cabinet Handles

These places are like public toilets, they are open to everyone’s touch. You don’t know where those people have been, or the status of their hygiene, whether they carry disease and numerous other factors.

Bacterias do not only thrive in these places, but they also spread from one place to another with every new hand.

You can clean and disinfect doorknobs, handrails, and cabinet handles in your house by using disinfecting wipes.

However, you cannot clean the doorknobs or handrails in public places. In such a situation, wash your hands thoroughly afterward

15 Surprising Places Where Bacteria Thrive



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