18 People Whose Deaths Were Caused By Police Irresponsibility

The #EndSARS protest which started on the 7th of this month has gathered over 30 million tweets and still counting, with youths coming out en masse to protest against police brutality and reform.

This is not the first time Nigerians would protest and demand justice for the killings of innocent civilians.

Over the years, there have been a series of death caused by reckless irresponsible SARS and police officials.

Here is a list of some of the deaths caused by SARS brutality that provoked Nigerians


A group of six police officers – some dressed in mufti, others in police bulletproof vests, and an informant – had arrived at Karimo to arrest some traders.

They were reported to have come to the arrest of Monday Chukwu, a fashion boutique owner.

Solomon who was returning from where he had gone to check his shop which had been brought down by a rainstorm the previous night joined the crowd that gathered to intervene but paid dearly with his life. He was shot straight in the head and died on the spot.

Solomon Eze who had waited till the evening for his first son, Steven, to bring him food to end the three-day dry fasting never lived to eat the food.


18 People Whose Deaths Were Caused By Police Irresponsibility
18 People Whose Deaths Were Caused By Police Irresponsibility | KAZEEM TIAMIYU

Kazeem Tiaiyu’s death happened while he was in a vehicle being detained by the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) force.

Eyewitnesses said Kazeem was arrested while driving along Sagamu road area of Ogun State with one of his teammates, Sanni Abubakar.

He was accused of being an internet fraudster and the officers, who arrested him, insisted on taking him to the nearby police station. It was reported that he was pushed out of their moving vehicle, was knocked down by another moving vehicle


18 People Whose Deaths Were Caused By Police Irresponsibility
18 People Whose Deaths Were Caused By Police Irresponsibility | IFEOMA ABUGU

Ifeoma Abugu was arrested and whisked away from her new fiance’s apartment at Wumba village, Lokogoma, Abuja  September 10, 2020, by suspected SARS personnel, only to be reported dead at the Gwagwalada Specialist Hospital, in the Federal Capital Territory, next day.

Ifeoma Abugu was allegedly raped and murdered by personnel of Special Anti-Robbery Squad, SARS, while in detention at the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.


18 People Whose Deaths Were Caused By Police Irresponsibility
18 People Whose Deaths Were Caused By Police Irresponsibility | TINA EZEKWE

The incident happened on May 26, this year around The said Police officers fired shots from their pin down point along with Berger by 3rd Mainland Bridge. An eye witness said the chaos leading to her death was because of a 100 Naira bribe a danfo driver refused to give to the officer

All she did was stand by the bus stop. 16-year-old Tina Ezekwe was shot and killed by a policeman at a bus stop near her home.



Chibuike Daniel IKEAGUCHI, known as Sleek, an upcoming musician, who went to visit a friend at his new place in Elelenwo. They stepped out to meet the Bolt ride he had called when SARS operatives appeared and threatened the youths in the vicinity.

They ran for safety to a supermarket and Sleek then stopped to tell SARS he wasn’t a thief’, bringing out his phone or whatever he held saying ‘I’m not a thief’.

One of the SARS officials at the supermarket now shot him.

His friend begged the SARS officials to take him to a hospital. They beat him, commandeered a Keke, and threw him inside with his bleeding friend.

SARS had the Keke ride around town for over an hour with the young man begging for his friend’s life.

After their senseless parade, they went to the police station where 20-year-old Sleek died.

The DPO now took his body to the mortuary and labeled it an accident


Kolade Johnson 1

Johnson who was 36 years old was accidentally shot by the police operatives while they were trying to arrest another man because of his dreadlocks in the Mangoro area of Lagos State.

According to a witness who spoke to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), Johnson was one of the people who gathered to assure the officers of Folorunsho’s (The guy the officers came to arrest) innocence when the officers shot to disperse the crowd.

“In an attempt to disperse the crowd, a first shot was fired to the ground. Seeing this, I and the others quickly turned back to avoid trouble, but because Kunle was probably the last person in the crowd, he was shot point blank from behind.

“He didn’t even know he was shot till we had trekked some few metres before we all saw he was bleeding, he died on his way to the hospital at Ikeja,” the witness said.

He was later pronounced dead at the hospital shortly afterwards as the officers fled the scene for fear of being lynched by a mob which soon gathered and blocked the roads around the area



On the 4th of December 2029, Sammani Zangon Marikata was shot by the Nigerian police in Kano.

According to reports, Mus’ab, who had just turned 22, returned from India, where he was studying computer science, prior to the day he was shot.  It was reported that Mus’ab had a slight confrontation with a keke (rickshaw) driver after the keke driver brushed his car.

A police officer attached to a commercial bank, abandoned his duty post to intervene, perceiving that the hot argument may degenerate into fisticuffs, ordered the Mus’ab Sammni to park his car out of the scene to the other side of the road.

while the deceased was obeying the instruction of the officer, the officer thought that the deceased was attempting to escape when he suddenly pulled his trigger in an effort to threaten him.

Unfortunately, the bullet pierced the windscreen and hit Mus’ab on the neck.


chima ikwunado justiceforchima 1200x900 1

Chima and his apprentices, Victor Ogbonna, Osaze Friday, Ifeanyi Osuji, and Ifeanyi Onyekwere were arrested for driving against traffic and tortured at Mile 1 Police Station by SP Benson Adetuyi.

At the point of arrest, the policemen took N93,000 found on Chima and remanded him on allegations of car theft.

In detention, he alongside others were tortured in the most brutal manner in spite of a confirmation by the owner of the vehicle that the car had not been stolen and that Chima was his mechanic only taking the car for a test run after routine repair.

Chima died a few days later in the police custody


Ogar Jumbo

Ogar Jumbo, who was a civil defense officer, was driving his wife and child to school when he had an encounter with some police officer in Nyanya Abuja

According to his wife, her husband was dragged on the floor for several meters after he was mercilessly hit on the head with a baton.

He died while at the police station.

she said  “My children and I prostrated before them begging for mercy. They dragged my late husband behind the counter and forcefully sat him on a white plastic chair and continued manhandling him without restraint, leading to my late husband slumping.

“They claimed he was only pretending when I raised an alarm that my husband was not moving and should be rushed to the hospital, I tried to get to the back of the counter but was prevented by a Policeman (who I can identify). My late husband’s lifeless body laid on the floor while they continued to mock him in spite of my cry and entreaties that they should please take him to the hospital.”


Killed while attending a wake keep for his aunt. Christian Ugwuoke was attending a wake and procession for his late aunt when he was killed on 27 January 2009. According to eyewitnesses, a police officer in a police patrol vehicle from Suleja Area Command shot at the peaceful crowd of approximately 50 people without prior warning.

He seriously injured two people and killed Christian Ugwuoke.

Eyewitnesses could not tell why the police officer had fired into the crowd. Christian Ugwuoke was taken to the Suleja Area Commander’s office.

The police did not explain what happened and did not let Christian Ugwuoke’s family know who killed him.



Aneke Okorie, a 39-year-old Okada (motorcycle) rider and a father of four, failed to pay a bribe to the police at a checkpoint in Emene, Enugu on 15 May 2009.

He was shot and later died on his way to the hospital. An eyewitness revealed that the police officer shot Aneke Okorie in the stomach and then hanged his gun around his neck, to suggest that the police officer was attacked by an “armed robber”.

The eyewitness was asked not to speak to the media. However, when radio reports in Enugu state claimed the police had killed an “armed robber”, the eyewitness and community leaders wrote a petition to the IGP saying that Aneke Okorie was innocent and asking for the perpetrators to be brought to justice.

Three police officers who were involved in the shooting were arrested as a result.


According to the Punch, the 20-year-old fashion designer, Ayomide Taiwo, who was attacked by a police officer, Inspector Ago Egharepbe, attached to Ibokun Divisional Headquarters, Osun State was confirmed dead after the attack by the said officer.

He was allegedly killed because he refused to give a N50 bribe. Ayomide was said to be in coma for a few days before passing on.


18 People Whose Deaths Were Caused By Police Irresponsibility
18 People Whose Deaths Were Caused By Police Irresponsibility | EMMANUEL EGBO

Emmanuel Egbo, aged 15, was extrajudicially executed by a police officer in Enugu on 25 September 2008. He had been playing with other children and was unarmed.

He was only fifteen years old. According to eyewitnesses, he was playing with other children in front of his uncle’s house when a police officer stopped to chat with the children. Two other police officers joined him; one of them pulled out his gun and shot the boy, claiming he was an armed robber.

Eyewitnesses confirm that Emmanuel Egbo was unarmed. After several visits, the family found out that the Investigating Police Officer (IPO) had moved to a new post. “The police officer revealed that the boy was an armed robber and the case had been closed. In August 2009, the family discovered that Emmanuel Egbo’s body had disappeared from the mortuary; as of November 2009, the body was still missing.


Christian Onuigbo, who was aged 28 and a father of one, died on 21 March 2009. Two days earlier, on the 19th of March, he was shot by the police while parking his car in Jiwa, FCT.

He spent the night at Jiwa police station and was taken to hospital the next morning. Staff at the hospital refused to treat him without a police report, which was finally submitted at 4pm.

Christian Onuigbo died the following day.  This happened in 2009


It was reported that he was murdered outside his home


The late Awosika

He was a Relationship Manager at First Bank of Nigeria Plc, who was shot dead by a police officer on October 1, 2008 at Lekki Phase I Roundabout.


Linda Igwetu

Linda was on her way home with friends around 3 am on Wednesday, July 4, 2018, when she was killed by a police officer, identified as Inspector Benjamin Peters.

The officer shot at the vehicle Igwetu was riding in because he claimed he believed she was kidnapped


On 7 April 2009 the police stopped a car conveying Precious Odua (27) and others. They were arrested and detained at Omoku Police station, Rivers State. They all informed their families of their arrest. The mother of one of the men told Amnesty International: “He called me on the phone around 7 am, on 8 April. And he told me he was arrested. The line went off. That was the last thing I heard of him.”  It was later reported that they were tortured and extrajudicially executed.






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