21 Regrets From People On Their Dying Bed

Life is short; People lying on their deathbed don’t worry about money, they worry about what they wished they had done.

1) I wish I had travelled when I had the chance.

Travelling exposes you, gives you a different perspective to life, you see things differently. Most people don’t get to travel outside of their country during their lifetime.

They are either busy with work or other activities. For many, the older they become, the harder it gets for them to travel. Because their responsibilities begin to pile up and they have a little over enough to cater for themselves after attending to their various responsibilities.


2) Wishing they had learnt another language.

Many people dream of learning another language but only a few do.


3) Wishing they had quit a bad relationship.

This has led to several deaths. People in bad relationships are emotionally, psychologically and physically drained. It may feel hard to get out of a bad relationship, but it’s not worse than staying in it.

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4) Wishing they had tried new things.

Fear paralyzes people. It’s the major cause for not exploring new business ventures, trying new food, traveling, quitting a bad job, and so on.

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5) Wishing they were more intentional with their health.

The older you become, you begin to realize how essential it is to take of your health, but the journey should have even started earlier to completely eradicate some old age illnesses and diseases.

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6) Allowing society set their standard of living.

Listening to society like friends, relatives, colleagues, mentors, parents can cripple one’s standard of life. These folks define what’s normal, what you should engage in, and whatnot. Even though it’s okay to seek counsel, it’s far more important to follow your heart and convictions.

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7) Not quitting a terrible job.

Yeah, you have needs and bills to pay but you can’t put yourself in a miserable position daily by going to a job you so much hate.

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8) Not giving Love a chance.

For most people, they’ve had terrible experience(s) with love and decided to shut their hearts to love till they die. Loving another person is a precious gift. You just have to give love another chance.

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9) Not listening to your parents’ advice.

We are getting old real fast and we think we know more than our parents. We consider them to be “old school.” A Nigerian adage says “what an elder sees sitting down, a child cannot see even if he climbs the tallest tree.”, in other words, they have a lot more experience than you’ll want to give them credit for. If many had heeded their parent’s advice, they could still be alive today and could have done so much better.

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10) Caring too much about what others think and their opinions.

We live in a world where everyone has an opinion. As you get older, you’ll realize that the opinions of others don’t factor into your true happiness. Their opinions don’t matter. As a matter of fact, many of them don’t even care about you.

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11) Being too nice for others and neglecting your own needs.

The bible says ”Love your neigbour as yourself,” not “love your neigbour than yourself.” Being nice is great, but sacrificing your happiness for it is worse because you will miserable. Don’t be a pushover.

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12) Holding grudges, especially against those you love.

Let go of the pain. It will cause you more harm than good. On your dying bed, none of that pain will matter. What will matter is life, a second chance at life. Live, comrade. Live!

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13) Neglecting your teeth.

It’s much better to take care of your teeth while you’re young instead of losing them later.

21 Regrets From People On Their Dying Bed


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14) Missing the chance to talk to your grandparents before they die.

They hold a lot of knowledge and they will only be around for a little while.

21 Regrets From People On Their Dying Bed


15) Working too much.

Hard work is good but comes with a prize. You’re going to miss the good parts of life, or be too stressed to enjoy them.

21 Regrets From People On Their Dying Bed


16) Too caught up in activities to appreciate the moment.

Quit texting or taking pictures. Just relax and enjoy nature.

21 Regrets From People On Their Dying Bed


17) Failing to finish what you started.

A lot of people have abandoned projects. Once the projects seems unachievable or too demanding, they abandon it after some time and jump on a new exciting one. After a while, that also becomes boring and they jump on another. It’s an unending circle of abandoning projects and jumping on a new one for them. This leads to regrets much later in life.

21 Regrets From People On Their Dying Bed


18) Not spending time with your children enough.

Work! Work! Work! And more work has caused many to disconnect from their children.

21 Regrets From People On Their Dying Bed

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19) Not developing meaningful contacts and networks.

It may seem like schmoozing, but it’ll be beneficial to your career in the long run.

21 Regrets From People On Their Dying Bed


20) Worrying too much.

Spending time worrying about the future and things to come can deprive you of enjoying the moment. It’s useless to worry, comrade.

21 Regrets From People On Their Dying Bed


21) Not spending enough time with loved ones.

Our time here is limited, spend time with your loved ones.

21 Regrets From People On Their Dying Bed

22) Wishing they had followed their dreams

we all had dreams, aspirations. Not too many people follow their dreams when they had the time. They spend their time on their death bed wishing they had followed their dreams

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