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29 Books That Were Popular In Most Nigerian Homes

Below is a list of 29 Books That Were Popular In Most Nigerian Homes. How many of these books can you remember?

  1. Adventurous Four

    Adventourous Four

  2. Alawiye

    ALAWIYE JF Odunjo

  3. African Night’s Entertainment

    An African Nights Entertain Ment Cyprian Ekwensi

  4. Brighter Grammar

    Brighter Grammar

  5. Chike and the River

    Chike and the river

  6. Eze Goes to School

    Eze goes to school

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  7. Key Points

    Key Points

  8. Koku baboni

    Koku baboni

  9. Larcombe’s Primary Mathematics

    Larcombes Primary Mathematics

  10. Macmillian Primary English Course

    macmillan taiwo longe

  11. Mallam Ilia

    Mallam illia

  12. Modern Biology

    Modern Biology

  13. Nationwide Common Entrance Examinations

    National Common Entrance Examination Ugo C Ugo

  14. New School Physics

    New School Physics

    20 Obsolete Technologies That Will Surprise New Generation Kids

  15. My Mother’s Daughter

    Ny Mothers Daughter

  16. Odenigbo

    Odenigbo Thoma Chigbo

  17. Sugar Girl

    Ralia The Sugar girl

  18. The Bottled Leopard

    The bottled leopard Chuwkwuemeka Ike

  19. The concubine

    The concubime Eleche Amadi

  20. The Drummer Boy

    The drummer boy

  21. The Gods Are Not To Blame

    The Gods are to be blamed

  22. The Joys of Motherhood

    The joys of motherhood Buchi Emecheta

  23. The Lion And The Jewel

    The lion and the jewel Wole soyinka

  24. Queen Primer

    The Queen Primer

  25. The Trials Of Brother Jero

    The Trials of Brother Jero Wole Soyinka

  26. Things Fall Apart

    Things fall apart Chinua Achebe

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  27. Understanding Mathematics

    Understanding mathematics

  28. Without A Silver Spoon

    without a sliver spoon

  29. Zumji and Uchenna

    Zumji and Uchenna Pierre Meunier

    You can add yours in the comment sections.

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