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5 Epic Throwback Games We Played As Kids

5 Epic Throwback Games We Played As Kids

Let me begin by stating a bitter fact we all know even though it took us some time to accept it; adulthood is a scam!

Seriously folks, who send me message?  Most of us adults spent a better part of our childhood wishing and wanting to be an adult. I don’t know whether it was the cool movies we saw on TV, the burning desire of freedom from washing plates and sweeping the house, even homework. Or was it due to the brain-altering knocks and destiny resetting slaps our parents gave us whenever we misbehaved that made us think adulthood is a walk in the park?

5 Epic Throwback Games We Played As Kids
5 Epic Throwback Games We Played As Kids

Whatever it was, I don’t want again. I’m done. Take me back to my childhood. My days of goody-goody, Apapa amusement park, Voltron, visitors dashing me money, and the best part, no responsibilities, no worries, no heartbreak, just games, games, and more games.

For those of you that are ready to brag about the cool video games you had as kids that made you the Primary 3 Elon Musk, today is not the day. Although we’ll be reminiscing on our favorite games we played as kids, but we are talking the real OG games that only a true Nigerian child can relate to. Not Super Mario and Mortal Combat and the rest. By the way, anyone knows the cheat combo for defeating Shinok in Mortal Combat? See me in my DM. There is someone I need to disgrace this weekend.

Back to the matter, I’m sure there are numerous exciting games we played as children worthy of a throwback mention, some of which I may have forgotten.  But that’s why I’ve got y’all, our loyal Squid readers, I trust y’all to fill in the blanks. Without further ado, let’s dive into a time machine and go back to the days when our Moms were making moin-moin for dinner and we teamed up with the neighbor’s kids to play…drum roll please…


Most of us preferred to play the police, well, that was before we grew up and the reality of the Nigerian police really jam us.

5 Epic Throwback Games We Played As Kids

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Let’s also not forget


Although it was more common in the Yoruba part of Nigeria, it was fun nonetheless, especially when you emerge the one with the highest house.

You see this one wey I wan mention so…lol…see ehn, e don tay wey pikin don Sabi wetin elders dey chop. Lol. Give it up for…

Games that proved that you grew up in Nigeria


Check well. All those guys that used to start world war 3 just because they wanted to be the Daddy, na dem dey make all these babes say ‘men are scum’ now. A really good game if you ask me. You would think it would prepare you for parenthood or having three baby mama’s and a black cat that the neighborhood has chosen to believe is your agent of Hogwarts wizardry, Naija division, but no. It doesn’t come close to most of your realities. Did you think I was talking about me? Abeg, give me some credit. I’m sleeker than that.

5 Epic Throwback Games We Played As Kids
5 Epic Throwback Games We Played As Kids

My personal favorite, the giver of mini-heart attacks, the ultimate adrenalin inducer…


This game was made for the fast and the furious. The war, the fight, the Indabosky of play-play. I was the champion of my hood back in the day. Ask about me for Ikeja Faan Quarters, dem go show you my statue self.

5 Epic Throwback Games We Played As Kids
5 Epic Throwback Games We Played As Kids

Next up is

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which if we are being fair is really the ancestor of Play Stations in Nigeria. Counter ball was as exhilarating as it was ingenious. Granted that you sometimes would catch a bad case of jedi jedi from the mineral’s you’d have to consume to get the corks and sugar packs you’d have to consume before creating your whole team? Wait, was that just me? You mean you can collect those things without consuming them? This explains a lot. No wonder people keep telling me I have sweet mouth. Abajo!

5 Epic Throwback Games We Played As Kids
5 Epic Throwback Games We Played As Kids

Last and probably the most popular of all,


Before makeup, Instagram accounts, slay queen privileges, and all the many ways a girl can use to shine, this was it. Tinko was mostly loved by girls. It involved two partners facing each other while the theme song is sung and they both do some clapping witchcraft thing with their hands that is almost impossible to keep up with. God bless you as a guy of it’s the girl you have a healthy childhood crush on that wins this one against her partner, forget it, bro. She’s officially out of your league.

5 Epic Throwback Games We Played As Kids
5 Epic Throwback Games We Played As Kids

That’s all I’ve got folks. These are the 5 Epic Throwback Games We Played As Kids. Nostalgic, right? I thought so too. Please if you recall any other game or you enjoyed this read, keep smiling in the comment section as you share these memories with me.

P.S: children of today have no idea what they’re missing. For real! Should I tell them?



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