5 Nigerian Celebrities Who Have Killed People Or Been Accused Of Murder

Below are 5 Nigerian Celebrities Who Have Killed People Or Been Accused Of Murder


1. Burna Boy

According to THE NET ng in 2013,  Nigerian music star Burna Boy stabbed someone to death in London. He was tried as a minor and was sentenced to jail.

He was released after 11 months of imprisonment and was given two months of community service on the grounds of being of ‘good conduct’.

The exclusive story, Burna traveled back to Nigeria thereby flouting his parole. He subsequently signed to Aristokrat Records.

It must be stated that Burna Boy has denied that he ever stabbed someone to death in the United Kingdom. He claims all reports of his crime and incarceration were false.

5 Nigerian Celebrities Who Have Killed People


2. Ibinabo Fiberesima

Nollywood actress and former Actors Guild of Nigeria National president Ibinabo Fiberesima was driving along the popular Lekki-Epe expressway when she lost control of the wheel, veered into the inbound lane and crashed her car into a certain Suraj Giwa’s car, which resulted in his death.

This incident, which occurred On the 26th of February 2006, led to the conviction of Ibinabo Fiberesima and was sentenced to five years in jail by Justice Deborah Oluwayemi of a Lagos State High court in 2009.

The former president of Actors Guild of Nigeria was later granted a N2million bail following an appeal filed by her lawyer, Nnaemeka Amaechi.

5 Nigerian Celebrities Who Have Killed People


3. Rich Oganiru

The name Rich Oganiru might not ring a bell, but he is one of the finest Nollywood actors in the good old days of Nollywood. According to reports from several media outlets in 2012, Rich Oganiru allegedly killed his wife by poisoning her in a bid to acquire her property.

The wife was said to have been hospitalized for three months for an undisclosed ailment in an Abuja hospital with the Nollywood actor abandoning her until the last day she was to be discharged before Rich Oganiru came to the hospital to take her home. The woman was said to have died at home the same day she was discharged

The allegation labeled against Mr. Rich Oganiru was that he poisoned his wife which ultimately led to her death.

Rich Oganiru, who is one of the pioneering members of the Actor’s Guild of Nigeria. He was married to a wealthy Abuja-based businesswoman who he was reported to have murdered.

5 Nigerian Celebrities Who Have Killed People


4. Rabil Ismail

Rabil Ismail was a Nollywood actress from the northern part of Nigeria. She was praised and reckoned by many to do great things until things went sour for the Hausa actress. In 2005, Rabil Ismail faced a 7-man panel of Justices at the Supreme Court over the death of her boyfriend Auwalu Ibrahim.

She was found guilty of drugging and drowning her boyfriend Auwalu Ibrahim after she had lured him to a picnic at Tiga Dam, where she poisoned him his chocolate pushed him into the dam with the hope of acquiring his properties.

She was later sentenced to death by hanging. According to The Punch, she escaped from prison six years after her sentence and was recaptured and sentenced to death

5 Nigerian Celebrities Who Have Killed People


5. Tayo Odueke

Nollywood actress Tayo Odueke, popularly known as Sikiratu Sidondo was accused of manslaughter for crushing over Daramola.

According to reports from various sources, Tayo Odueke went to see a friend named Tope Doherty who just returned from London.

The two jolly friends entered the red Honda CR-V LND brought by Sikiratu Sidondo to cruise out, only for some passersby to call their attention to a lifeless body of a 16 month-old allegedly said to have been crushed by her while trying to reverse her car.




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