6 Reasons Why You Should Anticipate Sinus Rhythm By Kollydee

The EP drops on the 18th of November but the lead single Maria Maria drops on the 11th so  I thought I should share with you 6 Reasons Why You Should Anticipate Sinus Rhythm. Why? Because i can

1.  Maria Maria

On Maria Maria, Kollydee woos a love interest with sweet falsetto notes and a catchy hook. Dear amebo and ‘lord when’ gang, admit it, you’re dying to know about Maria. Meanwhile, men, hide your girlfriends and wives. The oracle told me that some of them may leave you for Kollydee once this track drops. E be things

6 Reasons Why You Should Anticipate Sinus Rhythm

2. Wetin u do

“Wetin you do talks about finding the love of my life after waiting for so long.”


Wahala for who no jump on this track to get the expo. We are plenty that needs these past questions oh. Brother, wetin u do? Wetin was done? Wetin I go do?

Listen to the song to find out!

6 Reasons Why You Should Anticipate Sinus Rhythm

3. Olufunmi (losing my mind)

You people cannot be playing anyhow song in the bedroom when you want to make a baby. Don’t be a hoodlum. So, for that perfect “baby making song” losing my mind is the way to go.

Especially when Im the reason behind the smile :) | Movie love quotes, Girl quotes, Love quotes

4. Stand By Me

You know the song is powerful and deep when the artiste says it was the most difficult song he’d ever had to write in his life. He sought help from a friend who helped co-write the song and that speaks volumes for a track titled ‘Stand By Me’ It’s the artiste’s personal favorite song on the EP and given its story and title, hmmm. Set your tissues dears, you’re gonna cry buckets.

6 Reasons Why You Should Anticipate Sinus Rhythm

5. Bamidele

It’s safe to say that we all love ‘love’ and that is what this song is about. Inspired by the love story of the artiste’s beautiful parents, this song celebrates the love we seek, the love we find and the love we aspire to. If you ask me, it is a point of contact for the ‘lord when’ association. Tap into this blessing, listen to this song, and jam the love of your life the very next day. Don’t carry last!


6. Super God

In all things, give thanks. Be thankful for the good and the bad. For your journey. For your destiny. On this song, Kollydee appreciates his maker, the SUPER GOD. Wahala for who no get SUPER GOD o! Wahala! 

God Created Everyone and Everything so of Course Animals Give Praise too

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