8 People Revealed Why They Left Their Last Relationship

8 People Revealed Why They Left Their Last Relationship

Relationships are full of ups and downs but you can bet there are some downs that will just never come up no matter how hard you try to make it. In this article, you’ll be reading people’s experiences of what happened in their past relationship that they decided they couldn’t/shouldn’t go any further with it. Some may sound ridiculous to you.


1. Baba gave me 300# for tfare.

All the way from Obawole to Idiaraba, my ex gave me ₦300 for transportation fare! A whole me. I got pissed and broke up the following day. It’d have been better if he gave me nothing.

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2. She cheated on me

It was long-distance relationship because we schooled in different universities. I took note of a particular guy she always put up on her Snapchat but didn’t pay as much attention to it.

Then on her birthday, I was going to surprise her, we were back from school then so she was home. I went to her house with a birthday cake, met her sis who told me she was in her room upstairs. I got in and met her with the guy whose pictures she had been posting.

I didn’t even stress so much, just told her ‘happy birthday’ and dropped the cake, then went home. She tried texting me after but I just ignored. You can’t play me like that sis. Weird thing is, she asked me out and I really thought she was into me so I said yes.

3. He was always uninterested whenever sex wasn’t on the table.

He’ll legit leave me on my own when I’m sick or sad. I noticed it was always happening. I’d get my period and he won’t call me or reach out for the next week until he knows it’s done, then he’ll come back.
The last straw was when I was sick as hell. I was at his place. And he didn’t know I was sick before I got there.

He probably would have made up some silly excuse as to why I shouldn’t.
I made tea for myself, and I took some drugs. He left me alone in the room and stayed in the living room.
He didn’t come in until I called him and told him I wanted to leave.
That was the last time I saw him. Before we started dating, I’d have sworn he was the sweetest human ever. We dated for a few weeks before we had sex.
After we started, it seemed that was all he wanted.
I started to wish we remained in the ‘talking stage’ for years. I just carried myself out of there mentally.

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4. He did nothing, a better person came into the picture.

We were friends, very cool friends before I entered unilag but he had always wanted a relationship, so I’ll say i told him yes under pressure. I didn’t even love him. He was in the relationship and I wasn’t, but i thought I’ll grow to love him. There’s no thing as such. And guys really need to understand that sometimes ur female friend isn’t necessarily interested in you.
We didn’t even date more than 3weeks before bobo came into my life. So let’s say we were better as friends.

5. He impregnated another lady.

I found out my ex impregnated another person through FACEBOOK! How much worse can I be humiliated??! I broke up with him immediately, no need for explanations. He’s a father now.

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6. I called it off when I noticed I was the only one still in the relationship.

He got a better job offer in Lagos and relocated almost immediately in short notice. When he left, I noticed the communication was a bit lessened but I ignored it.

He created a call time table which I abided by as a good girl. The thing that really hit me was when he didn’t get me a present on valentine’s day, he didn’t even call me.

He just forwarded a text that was sent to him to me. So I took the hint and ended the relationship without saying anything to him.
I practically just stopped taking his calls and responding to his text messages. And that was it.

7. She and her ex were still meeting and exchanging messages.

She was asleep at my place when his message came in while I was with her phone. I was tempted to read on and I did.

I was going to confront her but something good happened thereafter so I just kept mute, but things never remained the same.

I just knew she wasn’t really committed although she made it seem so. I didn’t break up with her anyway, I just didn’t show much interest anymore so she ended it.

8. He took advantage of me.

He was the really wild type and everything was going so fast that I was no longer in control of the relationship. At some point he always got into some kind of trouble and would call me to help him sort things out, I always did and usually got worried whenever I see his calls. One day I got to find out that he wasn’t really in trouble all the time, he was only trying to see or know how much I cared about him and his well being. And to top it all, a friend of mine was seeing him too but they claim it’s not what I was thinking. LOL. Boy bye.




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