#BBNaija Trivia; Which #BBNaija 2020 Housemate Are You?

#BBNaija Trivia

Which #BBNaija 2020 Housemate Are You? Attempt this quiz to find out. This quiz will reveal which of the ongoing #BBNaija housemate you are

Which of these best describes your personality?

Someone annoys you, what would be your reaction?

How do people perceive you?

It's time to party

Pick an emoji that mostly describes your personality

How Stubborn are you? | Sequl Squid
How Stubborn are you? | Sequl Squid
How Stubborn are you? | Sequl Squid
How Stubborn are you? | Sequl Squid
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How savage are you?

Finally, pick an ideal breakfast

breakfast recipe ideas
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Pounded Yam 1
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#BBNaija Trivia; Which #BBNaija 2020 Housemate Are You?
I am Laycon

9 Fun Facts About Laycon Winner Of #BBNaija 2020

You are Laycon. You are highly inteligent, a deep-thinker and a lover of peace; you love to be at peace with everyone.
I am Ozo

Ozo Big Brother Naija Biography

You are Ozo. Even though you seem smart, you can be indecisive sometimes.
I am Wathoni

BB Naija 2020: Wathoni's Biography And Profile

You are Wathoni. You are peace-loving, you enjoy your space, you don't poke nose in people's affairs.
I am Tricky Tee

BB Naija 2020: Trickytee Biography and Profile

You are Tricky tee. You are funny. Sometimes you talk too much, other times you are quiet and calm. You enjoy being in the company of people.
I am Tolanibaj

BB Naija 2020: Tolanibaj Biography And Profile

You are Tolanibaj. You usually have mood swings. You can be all happy one minute and all moody the next. You have different shades of character for different moments.
I am Tochi


You are Tochi. You are extremely quiet. You seem like you have so much going on in your head but you rarely share them. You are a person of few words.
I am Nengi

BB Naija 2020: Nengi's Biography And Profile

You are Nengi. You are calm but love the attention you get from people. You love to be the center of attention.
I am Neo

BB Naija 2020: Neo's Biography And Profile

You are Neo. You are very extroverted. You have no permanent enemies or permanent friends. You can be friends with someone today and change it for the person tomorrow. You are also big-mouthed; in other words, you talk too much
I am Lucy

BB Naija 2020: Lucy's Biography And Profile

You are Lucy. Hmmmm!! You are extroverted, you get angry easily and can keep malice for Africa.
I am Ka3na

BB Naija 2020: Ka3na's Biography And Profile

You are Ka3na. You are very bossy. You like to show off. You like to talk about your successes. You come off as being arrogant. However, you can be down to earth when you choose to be.
I am Erica

BB Naija 2020: Erica's Biography And Profile

You are Erica. You are always smiling. The first thing one notices about you is your smile. You are also emotional and can break down when the environment is toxic.
I am Kiddwaya


You are kiddwaya. You are very humble. you don't brag or show off. You meet everyone at their level.
I am Eric

BB Naija 2020: Eric's Biography And Profile

You are Eric. You are very decisive. When you want something you go for it. You also like to air your mind.
I am Lilo

Lilo Biography | Sequl Squid

You are Lilo. You are very easy going, you enjoy your space, you are loyal and trustworthy.
I am Bright O

Bright O

You are Bright O. You don't have wahala at all. You are at peace with everyone. You also like to be in your space at most times.
I am Dorathy


You are Dorathy. You exude a lot of self-confidence. You are also very playful. People perceive you as rude and change their perception of you when they get close to you.
I am Praise

praise bb naija

You are Praise. You like to talk a lot. You always say your mind, you also sometimes pitch people against each other. You can be friendly when you choose to, you can also be insensitive and rude too.
I am Prince

BB Naija 2020: Prince's Biography And Profile

You are Prince. You are very easy going and down to earth. You always encourage peace and friendliness everywhere you find yourself.
I am Vee

BB Naija 2020: Vee's Biography And Profile

You are Vee. You are very nice, easy-going and can be jealous too. You also sometimes hide your feelings.
I am Kaisha


You are Kaisha. Even though you are well exposed, you have low self-esteem. You can't thrive in an environment where you sense a threat. You would break down or explode in anger, passing negative energy.

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