#BusDiary; Intimidation or Submission? My Experience With A Chauvinist

The noise about feminism has saturated the environment, like the echo from the horn-speakers mounted on the exterior four walls of the prayer house building.
Yet like a drone, the patrilineal society has masculinity hovering round everywhere trying to not miss a spot. I consider that absurd and here’s why.

As a humanity facilitator who talks about so many things like economic empowerment, rape, drug abuse, teenage pregnancy, Feminism and culture especially as they affect the 21st century youths, and as a volunteer to humanitarian NGO’s, I travel a lot to make these impacts.

On one of my travels from Onitsha to Owerri, I saw ignorance at the peak masked in masculinity. Chauvinists may be grown at this but then the pen is mightier than the sword.

I had arrived Owerri and was an hour behind schedule for the program due to traffic plus the effect of commercial transport and bad roads. A friend was supposed to pick me up at the bus stop and drive me to the location, but her number was not reachable so I needed to, again, join a public transport.

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I wanted to charter a taxi and not waste time having the driver drop others off, but the first six cabs had passengers. I slouched when the seventh had two passengers behind and I was running really late already, I just waved at the cab for a halt to join the ride.

The driver obliged and I sat in front beside him, immediately after, two other guys waved the same cab, I really wished the driver didn’t see them but the human in me called the driver’s attention to the prospective passengers.

One of them motioned to the back and the other left the one space at the back to join me in front. I sighed to myself and came down for him to get on board.

That front seat was designed for a passenger but the quest for extra fifty naira made the drivers put wood in between the passenger’s seat and the driver’s side, labouring the front side with three people; two passengers and a driver.

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I carried my handbag on my right arm while standing down for the young man.

“Go inside let me enter.”

I didn’t think that was directed at me until someone tapped me.

“Do you expect a man to sit in there? Go inside!” That tone!

I was running late and a drama was something I didn’t want to entertain.

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“If you won’t enter inside stay down, I don’t mind paying for the two seats”, I said immediately.

If I knew two people were supposed to seat there, I would have paid earlier. I turned to the driver, asking him to start his engine that I will pay for the two seats.

Not until after this that the other guy who sat at the back, apparently his friend, told him to get into the cab since they won’t be spending the whole day in the cab. He sat at the only space available behind. We continued the journey and arrived at my destination.

I think the males need a reorientation. If you are expecting submission, expect such from your wife, not from any lady on the street. Don’t be a drone hovering everywhere because it was given wings to fly.

By Odilichukwu Frances Jombo. Follow her on instagram

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