Could I be Sued For Harassment?

Could I be Sued For Harassment?

Exactly a week to the end of April 2020, I don’t want the lockdown to be eased, yet I want it to be eased, I’m confused. No, actually, I just want to eat my cake and still have it. Anyway, quick gist on what I allowed sometime in a bus.

I know if you read that, you’ll think, oh! She was harassed! How dare he?! They are usually like that, blah blah blah. But it’s the other way around!! I harassed some guy that sat in front of me. 😅 I’m sorry but he was having it and he’s cute and I was just really bored.

should i be sued

I was at school earlier that day to meet my supervisor and right after, I planned to go for a birthday party. She took a lot of my time, so I left school quite late. Getting to Jibowu, I was still confused as to whether to go to the birthday party or just go home. Anyway, I entered a bus going to Ikeja, I’ll make the decision before the first bus stop or so I thought.

On the last seat, close to the window, I settled down and looked around for a while, I mean – I usually do that just to feel and say that I’m observant, then I notice this really cute boy with an Afro. I could tell that he’s quite tall by the way he sat and slouched his back just so his head won’t hit the roof of the bus.

He stretched his hand to pay the bus conductor and I don’t know what he found funny or amusing but he smiled. He smiled! And he was even cuter!


I thought to myself, oh, I might just ditch my boyfriend…but I don’t even have one!.. It’s 2019 baby, shoot your shot.

I was rest assured it’d be a long ride and at that point I had given up on going to the birthday party which I also did not even know the address of the venue – perfect excuse. I started off with plugging my headphones and listening to music, this way, I’ll sing along really loudly and gain his attention.


That worked! Best believe me, it worked!
He looked back at me and I had to give him ‘unlooking’, acting like I was really into the music. My Playlist didn’t disappoint me either, kept dishing out songs after songs that I knew the lyrics very well and that could be heartfelt and that my voice would sound nice while singing.

I have Dua Lipa’s album and ‘New Love’ played, I gave it my ALL. I was literally telling him I need a New Love. 🤪 And, he was definitely having all of it BECAUSE he kept looking back at intervals and smiling.
I felt accomplished, but not yet, if only I can touch the hem of his clothing, I shall be healed of this lovestruck… If only?! I MUST. And, I did. 😌

I put my hand on the backrest for a start. And then gradually reached for his back. I poked him first to see his reaction, he smiled without flinching or looking back. I was surprised but glad. I mean, baby boy be dancing to my tune. That’s the thing I say about consent, body language is important!

I was rubbing on his shirt and poking him at intervals while still singing loudly and acting calm (now, that really sounds lewd 😅). He was ready for that too, so, he kept smiling, looking back and all. I was hoping for a conversation to ensue but that was not going to happen, ever, because he was sitting in front of me and would probably be very uncomfortable doing that. Besides, other passengers would eavesdrop.



But at least, ask for phone number. He didn’t and I wouldn’t do that too. He probably thought I’ll go as far as asking for his digits, no way famm! I’ve tried enough, I think, don’t stress me any further.

We both were actually going the same way, when I realized, I increased the volume of my music. I think he said hi a few times but I pretended to not hear him and walked on.
I left the poor boy confused.

Did he actually give consent?
Could I be sued for harassment?
If I was, what would be my defense?

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