COVID-19 Update. What You Need To Know About The New Guideline

COVID-19 Update. What You Need To Know About The New Guideline

Good news or Not-so-good-news? Depends on how you look at it

1. Nationwide curfew

For those staying on the mainland and working on the Island. You can now leave your house by 4 am and return by 10 pm like you used to before the lockdown, as the timing for curfew is now 10 pm—4 am. For some, this is good news and for others, it’s not-so-good-news. It depends on how you look at it.

2. Banks and Other Financial Sector

At least this will reduce the stress of hanging outside under the sun.

COVID-19 Update

3. Churches, Mosques and Other Places of Worship

Churches and mosques can now be reopened, but this is still restricted to regular services and is based on the state government’s protocols.

Worshippers should wear masks, properly sanitize their hands, among other health guidelines to tackle the spread of COVID-19.

This isn’t applicable to Lagos. The Commissioner for Home Affairs, Anofiu Elegushi, stated that churches, mosques, and other worship centres in Lagos will remain shut due to the continued high number of coronavirus cases in the state. Churches in Akwa Ibom will be reopening from the 7th of Jun. Good news for other states, not so good news for Lagosians.

4. Traveling Outside of Your State to Another For That Party?

Don’t even think about it. That’s still prohibited. Unless you are in the food transportation business. Not-so-good-news for them travelers and owambe enthusiasts.


5. Can I At Least Throw A party Of About 50 people?

Nope. You can’t. Gathering of over 20 people is prohibited until further notice. Not-so-good-news for those who already planned to turn the city upside down for their upcoming birthdays.

lagos open church and mosque

6. How about going to the Gym, Bar, Nightclubs Park And Cinemas?

Nope. Still closed until further evaluation. Not-so-good-news for fun lovers and owners of these businesses.

7. How about the Kids Returning to School?

Nah. They can continue turning the house upside down for now. Schools are still closed until further notice. Good news for the kids, not-so-good-news for the parents.

8. Can I Fly?

If you have superpowers, you can. But if you mean air transportation, there’s is a tentative date for domestic flights to commence operation on the 21st of June. Read more HERE.


9. Social Distancing

Social distancing remains. Use your face mask and ensure you are with your sanitizer. No go loose guard because Mr ‘Rona’ ain’t smiling.

See more information below

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