Debo AKA Mr Macaroni 2020 Biography, Fun Facts, Net worth And Career

Debo AKA Mr Macaroni 2020 Biography

Fun Facts About Mr Macaroni

Mr Macaroni Real Name: Debo Adebayo

Mr Macaroni Age: 28

Mr Macaroni Date of Birth: 3rd  of May, 1992

Alma Mater: Redemer’s University

Occupation: Actor/Comedian

Relationship Status: Single (as at the time of this writing)

Debo; AKA Mr Macaroni 2020 Biography

Who Exactly is Debo, AKA Mr. Macaroni?

He is a popular Instagram celebrity and YouTuber. Who is known for his character as a sugar daddy, wearing agbada in his viral skits.

Apart from that, Mr Macaroni is also a producer and scriptwriter. The popular slang “ooin you are doing well” which has been widely accepted by Nigerians and is been used on a daily basis is attributed to him.

Mr Macaroni Early Life and Education

Mr Macaroni was born on the 3rd of May 1992 in the city Lagos into a family of 10 where he is the last born

His father is a journalist and his mother an educationist.

He has six sisters and three brothers.

Debo Adebayo Completed his primary and secondary school education in the city of Lagos in 2004

His university education was quite rocky because he attended three different higher institutions before finally graduating from Redemers’s university in 2019.

His first admission to study law into the first private university was nullified after it was reported that the university was not accredited to teach Law.

He gained admission into a second private university to study Law. This time, he had a fall out with one of the lecturers which eventually led to him being suspended by the school authority. He decided to leave the university for another university

The third time he gained admission, he decided to study creative arts. Upon resumption, he was informed by the dean of studies that the institution wasn’t really offering creative arts and was asked if could study English. He got upset after the news because he wanted creative arts, not English. Debo Adebayo decided to leave the university

He eventually gained admission into one of the biggest private universities in Nigeria, Redeemers University in Osun state, to study creative arts.

Debo played a critical role in school politics which led to his popularity amongst the students

He was the president of the Student Union Government (SUG) while in school, he also ensured students were happy and comfortable.

Few days to his graduation, he was expelled by the university over post he made on Facebook which the school authority deems offensive, unethical, portraying the school in a bad light and a gross misconduct punishable by expulsion.

The case was eventually settled in court on the 14th of June 2018 and Mr Macaroni got his certificate from redeemers university in 2019.

Debo successfully completed his National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) certification on the 5th of March 2020.

Debo; AKA Mr Macaroni 2020 Biography
Debo AKA Mr Macaroni 2020 Biography

Mr. Macaroni Career

Mr Macaroni started acting in 2014. He featured in a couple of movies and soap operas like Wale Adenuga Production’s TV series super story, face 2 face, family ties, papa ajasco, Nowhere To Be found, Papa Ajasco, Mistresses, Kajola, Ifa Iwa, Obinrin and many more before he launched his “Mr Macaroni” series

According to him, it was a struggle for him to start shooting skits because of his education and also because he had featured in quite a view movies that gained airplay.

At a point, he was frustrated because he wasn’t getting movie roles.

This eventually led him to start producing his own skits

He has worked with big names in the Nigerian movie industry ever since.

Mr Macaroni said he was inspired by fellow social media influencers like Maraji and Broda Shaggi

Mr Macaroni has experienced tremendous success with his “Mr Macaroni Series”.

According to him, he first played the role of an old school teacher before he finally settled for the role of a Sugar Daddy which has gained massive acceptance from Nigerians

He is now a household name and a force to reckon with in the Nigerian entertainment space.

With his videos generating thousands of views immediately after upload, Debo is a big fish in Nigeria.

Debo; AKA Mr Macaroni 2020 Biography
Debo AKA Mr Macaroni 2020 Biography

Mr Macaroni Networth 2020

According to the 360 report, Mr Macaroni is worth $300,000 dollars which is equivalent to N115.6 million naira

Mr Macaroni Social Media Handles

Debo; AKA Mr Macaroni 2020 Biography
Debo AKA Mr Macaroni 2020 Biography

Instagram: @mrmacaroni1
Youtube: MrMacaroni
Facebook: @MrMacaroni1

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Related to Mr
Macaroni Biography

Q1). how old is Mr macaroni?

he is 28 years old (as at the time of this writing)

Q2). Who is Mr Macaroni’s Real Name?

Debo Adebayo is the real name of Mr Macaroni

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