Different Types Of People Since The Ease Of The Lockdown

Since the ease of lockdown, there has been some reactions and response from Nigerians. You know how we do it here na *wink*  We have captured some fun reactions from people since the ease of the lockdown. Enjoy!

1. The ones who defy social distancing

Ease Of The Lockdown

They care less about ‘Mr. Rona’. Something must kill a man, who go die go die. If I perish, I perish

2. The ones who are still scared to step out

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They are not ready to take chances. They would rather hunger kill them than ‘Mr. Rona

3. The overly protected ones

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A simple nose mask and sanitizer would do.. Lai lai. These ones just want to overdo. They carry sanitizers, gloves, facemask. They should just add a mobile bathroom

4. The ones who could not wait to go out

Ease Of The Lockdown

Most people in this category just want to go out. They really don’t have any meaningful reason ooo. ‘Make we sha go out, house don tire us’

5. The ones who grudgingly go to work

Ease Of The Lockdown

Man must chop, hence man must work even though man just wants to stay at home. Oh well!

6. The indifferent ones

Ease Of The Lockdown

Whether you ease lockdown ooo, you no ease lockdown ooo, na your headache be that.

Whatever category you belong to, don’t forget to heed safety precautions recommended by NCDC and W.H.O. Remember, safety first.

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