7 High Profile Nigerians That Have Been Seen Or Hung Out With Hushpuppi (Photos)

Ramon Abass, Aka Hushpuppi, was in the News last week following his arrest and his gangs for defrauding over 1.9 million people of over 450 million dollars. 

A short documentary video detailing how Hushpuppi and his team were arrested was released on twitter and went viral almost immediately. Prior to his arrest, Hushpuppi was known for his consistent display of wealth on social media “peppering” his followers and was seen hanging out with several high profile Nigerians.

Here are 7 celebrities that have hung out with Huspuppi

1) Lasisi Elenu

Lasisi Elenu and Hushpuppi

The Nigerian comedian, actor, and Instagram celebrity has been spotted with Hushpuppi a few times. He had spoken very highly of Hushpuppi in the past.

2) Daddy Freeze

Daddy Freeze and Hushpuppi

Controversial Nigerian OAP is also one of the celebrities that have been seen hanging out with Hushpuppi. He later released a video claiming he didn’t know Hushpuppi was a criminal after Hushpuppi’s arrest

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3) Davido

Hushpuppi annd Davido

Until recently when Davido unfollowed Hushpuppi, the duo was in good terms. Hushpuppi was even present at the wedding ceremony of Davido’s brother in Dubai

4) Wizkid

BIG BOYS THING!! Wizkid And Hushpuppi Party Together In Dubai ...

Wizkid is also one celebrity who has been seen hanging out with Hushpuppi

5) Mompha

7 High Profile Nigerians That Have Been Seen Or Hung Out With Hushpuppi

Mompha, who was also arrested in 2019 for cybercrime-related issues but was granted bail has also wined and dined with Hushpuppi.

The two were regarded as very good friends, but things took a bad turn and fans speculated that it was over arguments of who was richer.

6) Atiku Abubakar

7 High Profile Nigerians That Have Been Seen Or Hung Out With Hushpuppi

Ex-Vice President and former presidential candidate, Atiku Abubakar has been seen in a picture with Hushpuppi.

During the presidential election, Hushpuppi took to his Instagram page to show his support for Atiku. He wrote: “If I have to pick among the two old people who are our prime options (Buhari and Atiku) please pick ATIKU, don’t say he chops our money before at least we or our parents didn’t commit sui*cide or turn internet beggars, we didn’t have to steal pants and endanger the lives of our women to survive, our economy was not in a standstill, our graduates didn’t have to go and explain what 5k can do in their life under giveaway posts on the internet. Please do what is right young and old people out there. Nigeria doesn’t need prayer, it needs right decisions.” 

7) Dino Melaye

7 High Profile Nigerians That Have Been Seen Or Hung Out With Hushpuppi

Controversial Nigerian politician, Dino Melaye has also been seen with Hushpuppi in the past. Hushpuppi was present at the politician’s Dubai birthday party in 2019. After his arrest, Dino Melaye took to social media to denounce his friendship with the criminal.



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