How Not To Go Insane In A World That Is Already Insane

How Not To Go Insane In A World That Is Already Insane

Your mental health is just as paramount as your physical health and with a lot that is going on currently in the world, and on social media, we can only imagine how depressed or disconnected one can easily get.

With a few points made here and put to practice, I hope you are able to stay sane in this crazy time.


Delete old text messages and clear your phone cache.

You know how you want to quickly send a mail or respond to an urgent message and your phone won’t just respond? Yes. That’s crazily frustrating and makes you want to smash your phone against the wall. Just like having too many apps, having too many text messages and caches can slow down your phone. You may wonder how this relates to your mental health but it’s a form of declustering which gives more room for new messages.

Go through your device and delete any unnecessary text message and clear your caches. If you are the kind of person that likes to save things, you can download and save your messages on your computer.

How Not Go Insane In A World That Is Already Insane
How Not Go Insane In A World That Is Already Insane | Delete old text messages and clear your phone cache.

Delete old mails and unsubscribe from newsletters.

The same effect deleting old messages has on you is the same effect deleting your old mails have. Go through your email and delete as many old mails as possible. While at it, unsubscribe from newsletters that no longer serve you or your needs as this will eliminate more unnecessary emails getting into your inbox. Extra tip, read mails before deleting them, you’d be amused at some information you’ve hidden from you all these while.

How Not Go Insane In A World That Is Already Insane

Take yourself out

Give yourself a treat! Go out, it’s been a while you went out because of the pandemic, and now that things are easing out gradually, use the opportunity to step out. Go for a launch or picnic, you could get ice cream too or just go out into nature. One thing though, take all safety precautions like wearing a face mask and avoid touching your face without washing your hands.

How Not Go Insane In A World That Is Already Insane

Call your parents.

Put your activities on hold and call your parents! Think of all the missed calls you’ve had from them over the last year. Make your Mom or Dad’s day by calling to check in and to catch up. They will definitely appreciate it. We are sometimes too busy getting old that we forget they are also getting old. Let’s not leave out our friends or relatives too. Anyone you haven’t heard from in a while.

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Write your future self a letter

Future Me is a website that allows you to write a letter to your future self. They will email you the letter you wrote in either 1 year, 3 years, or 5 years. They also have an option to choose a specific date. Most of the people who wrote to themselves found the experience to be very moving.

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Drink a glass of wine or two.

Everyone knows the old saying, “A glass of wine a day keeps the doctor away.” Or, wait, was it an apple? Either way, wine does actually contain ingredients that boosts the immune system. It also helps reduce the risk of stroke and heart disease. So why not indulge in a glass of wine while you’re waiting on hold. Just remember to drink responsibly, don’t drink and drive

ft Things That Happen to Your Body When You Drink a Glass of Wine Nightly

Prank your significant other.

Some of the best pranks take only seconds to set up and the person you are doing it to normally sets it off themselves. All you have to do is sit back and watch. Just ensure it’s not a dangerous prank

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Take Time off your phone.

It is only expected that you take time off your phone when everything gets overwhelming. Getting off your phone makes you more grounded in your space and this can help you stay connected to yourself. While at it, you can decide to rearrange your room, tend to your garden or backyard, read a book, watch a movie, anything really but stay off your DAMN PHONE! Spending too much time on phone, especially browsing through social media the one of the leading cause of depression.

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Sing your favorite song

It has been proven that singing relaxes your body and can even lower levels of cortisol. So, with that being said, next time you are feeling overwhelmed, or drowning in so much information, turn up your favorite tune and belt out some feel good lyrics and dance like crazy. It doesn’t matter whether you are a good dancer or not. Just enjoy yourself.


Sing your favorite song


You don’t have to be a writer for you to journal, neither is journaling for more sophisticated people. Journaling helps you clear out your head and mind. You can write about your worries and fears and accomplishments and ideas and thoughts, also quotes you think highly of or that resonates with you. Doing this will make more room for more ideas and thoughts to develop properly in your head which in turn eliminates overwhelming situations.

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Practice Gratitude.

Practicing gratitude means being grateful for everything that happens to you whether good or bad. Now, this may not be easy but with each practice, you get better! Start with the seemingly little things you take for granted, like the air you breathe, the beautiful weather you’re able to experience and lots more. When you practice gratitude, even the bad days seem like a blessing.

How Not To Go Insane In A World That Is Already Insane
How Not To Go Insane In A World That Is Already Insane | Practice gratitude


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Practice Meditation.

Being distracted is very easy to do with so much around you but it’s imperative that you take time to meditate. Disconnect yourself from the outside world, pay more attention to yourself, your body, mind, and soul, reflect, take long and deep breaths, and just be at peace. Yoga is one way to practice meditation.

How Not Go Insane In A World That Is Already Insane
How Not To Go Insane In A World That Is Already Insane | Meditate

Schedule that appointment with that therapist.

Sometimes, all the go-to tips may just not cut it, and you need professional help. Schedule an appointment with your therapist. If you’re new to that, you can reach out to your health care provider and they’ll be able to connect you to a recommended therapist.

How Not Go Insane In A World That Is Already Insane
How Not Go Insane In A World That Is Already Insane | Visit that Therapist

Stay safe and stay sane 😘



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