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“I’ve Been Acting For 10 Years” Timini Egbuson

Twitter is a crazy place, people just say whatever they feel like and I’m not dating an underaged girl.

Timini Egbuson

Q: We all know you to be an actor, but before I dive into that aspect, is there anything else Timini Egbuson is involved in or that you do?

Yeah, asides from acting, I’m a content creator, I’m a director/producer, you know living in Lagos you can’t really confine yourself to one occupation.

So I have an interior design business that I run on the side and I’m constantly looking for more ways to make a daily bread.

Timini Egbuson


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Q: You mentioned being a director/producer, how’s that going?

It’s been great you know, I have a film coming out, it’s called Country Hard, I co-produced with Tope Tedela, Paul Utomi, and Sam Ochonma. it was also directed by Paul Utomi but, as a social media influencer and content creator, all my skits, all the things I do for brands, I direct it myself, so I feel like that’s where my directing has really had the chance to flourish.


Q: Alright then, so, what influenced your decision to be an actor?

I followed my sister to sets a lot, so I kind of like had an idea of what it felt like, and when I finished University, did a 9 – 5 for two years, I realized that my happiness is more important than whatever bread that I was making.

And I realized that I was always very happy anytime I was on a film set or a play in church or generally just creating. I decided to take that bold step.

Timini Egbuson 8


Q: How then, did your acting career start?

My acting career officially started on Tinsel, but I started to gain recognition from my role as Tobi in MTV Shuga. It’s so crazy, you know, as it is I have been acting for 10 years.

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Q: Your sister, Dakore, must have played an active role in getting you to where you are today, any comments on that?

Of course, she played an active role. She’s my mentor, so in life, in everything that I do, she has definitely supported me. In acting, there’s no difference, that’s what an elder sister does; support, advice. Isn’t that what people do for family members and all?

Timini Egbuson 7

Q: Right! That’s what they do. In your ten years of acting, what role have you played that you’d consider the most challenging so far?

Honestly, all have been unique in their own way and challenging but right now the role that I’d put the spotlight on is Dare in Elevator Baby.

It was challenging because it was a real-life situation that people had been stuck in and people were definitely going to watch for the chemistry between me and Toyin. Also, just the scenario, it, being so hectic and me having to go through different range of emotions in the same film.

I think I probably went through like 8, 9 different range of emotions and I knew that it was literally Toyin and I, so there was no hiding, this was the time for people to watch and actually see on a global scale how good of an actor I am.

Then the pressure, not necessarily in terms of the performance, but the pressure to deliver is what brought the challenge.

Timini Egbuson 4

Q: Talking about Elevator baby, what struck you in the script that made you play Dare?

Niyi Akinmolayan Is someone I respect as a filmmaker, so I was really happy to work with him.

From getting the script, I was already excited then when I read the script, I think I read it in about an hour and some minutes, for me to read the script from head to toe, I was hooked! And I knew it was nothing like I’ve ever read or seen on the African movie scenes.

I was excited to be the one that was given the opportunity.

Timini Egbuson 2

Q: There’s this stereotype on your roles, where you act the wild guy and rich kid, do you feel like your acting is restricted due to this stereotyped roles?

To be fair, it’s just people not knowing a lot of work that I do. I’ve been in over 65 films; movies, productions, all in all throughout the span of my career and understanding that, you’ll know that there’s so much I’ve done, it’s just that the one that people have watched happen to be the stereotyped roles.

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I’ve acted rich, I’ve acted poor, I’ve acted as a corper and so many different things, it’s just how people feel and I don’t mind it, you know, it’s work, as an actor, my job is just to create and whatever comes my way, I definitely have to do it but Elevator Baby was a good opportunity to let the public see me play a different character from the regular.

And I’m also really happy that young couple of writers coming out of Nollywood are exciting and going around with this idea in their heads.

I’m just hopeful that they choose me to capture the idea when they decide to make their movies.

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Q: Do you think your acting career affects your personal life where people try to compare you to the characters you portray?

No, I don’t think so. I feel like I’ve been able to create a brand outside of my acting. I’m strong enough to stand on my own.

I mean, sometimes you’re watching me in 5 different shows, it’d be confusing to compare me to any of those characters or see me as one character. I even enjoy it when people walk up to me for one character, like Tobi from Shuga, or Dare from Elevator Baby, it’s so exciting.

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Q: If you weren’t known for acting and the other things you do in the entertainment industry,  what else could you be known for now?

Uhmm, what would I be known for…? Different people know me as different things, some know me as an actor, some know me as an influencer, some know me as a philanthropist, some others know me as a model, so whatever it is. I can’t really say.

Timini Egbuson 3

Q: There was a conversation on Twitter some time ago about you dating an underage girl but you didn’t address the issue, would you say anything about it here?

Yeah, uhmm, Twitter is a crazy place, people just say whatever they feel like and I’m not dating an underaged girl.

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Q: Finally, please describe yourself in 3 words.

Daring, Unapologetic, and Life-changing.

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