My Mama’s Heart is Gold

My Mama’s Heart is Gold. 

So… I went to visit my mom yesterday for the first time this month. As I approached her food canteen, I signaled the ladies seated with her not to say a word while I covered her face from behind.

Immediately, she knew I was the one and said with a beautiful smile “hey… Daddy” like she fondly calls me. I laughed. This time, one of the ladies sitting with her had vacated her seat so I sat down and we exchanged pleasantries after which I helped my self to a plate of semo, egusi, and ogbono, and fried chicken… Yummy!!!

Halfway into the food, I noticed a young girl emerged from her shop. She shouldn’t be more than 10 years old. I inquired from my mom who she was.

“She is staying with us,” she said.

“I don’t understand. Is she from our village?”


“No. Her mom left her dad while she was very young and the young man just relocated to the neighborhood and he is working in a barbing Saloon. He has an accommodation problem and sleeps in a viewing center with over twenty guys and he doesn’t want his daughter sleeping in the midst of those boys. That’s why I took her in”

That statement brought back memories of when I was growing up. I remember there was a time in our house when we had over ten persons staying in our house (a face me I slap you apartment). No exaggeration. And my mom was feeding everybody in the house. I watched as the young girl served her self a plate of rice and beans. She came to sit beside us and ate in silence.

“does her dad pay for her food? ” I inquired


“No oo… She eats for free.” My mom left and returned with a bottle of soya milk. I had finished eating my semo and I had dished a plate of beans and agege bread which I could not finish. My mom asked the young girl if she wanted Bread and beans and  the soya milk and she nodded affirmatively.

She handed the remaining soya milk to her and said “wo… We go use food kill you for here oo”

the girl was silent. I could tell she was shy. I gave the remaining bread to my mom which she handed to the girl.


I was happy at the act of kindness shown to this young man and his daughter. I left and headed for church.

Even though I haven’t met the guy, I could feel he loves his daughter dearly. I pray he gets on his feet on time to give his daughter the kind of life she deserves.

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