My Plans For 2020 VS 2020’s Plans For Me

When this year, this year that the Lord made for His people to be glad in, when it began, I was full of excitement. This was what my list of future achievements looked like.

  • I’m going to be a graduate. (Someone shout three Gbosa!!!)
  • I’m going to begin NYSC.
  • At least I’ll start making my own money small small.
  • I’m going to start a business or learn a skill.


The year began, like every other year, but this one had final-year-student vibes.

January fasting and prayer, new year resolution, school resumption, and all. The year was good, really good. We heard one strange disease was killing people in China, but e no kuku concern us, make the disease just dey where e dey.

After all, I’ve never planned to go to China for anything. Greater joy was experienced when we heard that the disease got nothing on Africans.

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Our sun alone would kill it, then when our thick melanin combines with the sun, it would be an impenetrable shield. I just knew that all these suffering that we have been experiencing in this Africa would pay off one day and here, just before my eyes is the reward, CORONA VIRUS GOT NOTHING ON US.

Even if it’s patients cough inside our mouth, we’ll spit it out. Then we heard it had entered Nigeria, but it was an Italian man that brought it and our sun made him whole. See as everybody was shouting “God no go shame us.”

All the comedians were using Corona to play ball, making fun of it up and down and extolling the strength of Africans.

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My final semester examinations began in the last week of February, and yes, I celebrated my birthday on the 8th of March because exam cannot kill my vibes.

I was supposed to write my final paper on the 13th of March and ASUU began to strike on a day I can’t even remember because I don’t commit sad dates to memory. I and my friends said to each other, “That strike got nothing on us, we are in the middle of exams.”

Then our school’s management gave us a dirty slap on the 11th of March (I remember this because it was two days to graduation), “Y’all are joining the strike but take it in good faith, it’s just a warning strike.

My Plans For 2020 VS 2020's Plans For Me

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It won’t last longer than two weeks.” So we went home.

Then Mr. Corona got angry and decided to do Nigeria dirty. Enough was enough with the mockery.

Strike was coming to an end and Corona was coming like those pall-bearers to end my educational career.

Places were just locking down, and I was just praying, just hoping it wouldn’t reach school. The two-week strike didn’t even end when we got a secular for us to remain at home till we are called back to school and till today, They have not called us back.

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I had many plans for this year 2020 but its plans for me are plans to stay at home and eat and sleep and run errands, and maybe take online courses and dump them when my data finishes, but what can I say?

This year is just filled with shockers. I hope the next shocker will be this “You are now free to go back to school and graduate.”

By Favour Ene Daniel. Follow Her on facebook



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