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Nollywood Actress, Lydia Achebe Speaks About Her Journey So Far

Nollywood Actress and model, Lydia Achebe’s journey into the industry has been a rollercoaster experience. The beautiful actress and model shared with us about her background, career, and everything in between.


Lydia Achebe

Q: Please tell us, who is Lydia Achebe?

Okay, Lydia Achebe is a lawyer, she’s an actress, she’s a model and a beauty queen too. She’s very passionate, very driven about whatever it is she wants to do. And she puts so much effort, hard work and dedication to ensure that she attains or achieve whatever it is she wants to do; basically, that’s Lydia. People’s person, very friendly if you give her the right vibe. I’m a staunch catholic and deep in my catholic doctrine.

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Q: You studied Law in school, considering the other things you’re involved in, do you practice now?

Yeah, I’m practicing, but it’s more of private practice. I studied Law in University and I went to Law school in 2018, called to Bar. I practice privately because there’s no way I’d be attached to a Law firm and be able to get on set as an actor or go for a commercial shoot as a model. So it’s more of private practice, Just drafting and signing legal documents for clients and if it’s a case especially when it involves litigation and I’m unavailable, I forward it to the law firm I’m attached to…

Q: You model, what type of modelling do you do?

Yes, I do. Commercial modelling, print modelling, and promotional modelling.

Q: How long have you been modeling?

I’ve been modeling for two years now. I went fully into everything after I was done with law school.


Lydia Actress Speaks


Q: That also means you decided to make a career out of acting in the same time frame. Is that?

Well like I said, I went full time into them after law school but before then I’ve been going for auditions, and I’ve been getting some modeling jobs but I usually get them or go for those auditions only when I’m on holiday.


Q: What was your parents’ reaction to the decision of acting and the other things you delved into?

Trust me, initially, they were not in support of it. It took a whole lot of convincing for them to finally accept because they had to see it in me that it was something I wanted to do, something I was passionate about, and I had to clear my own part by making sure that I scaled through my education successfully with good grades and the likes of that so it doesn’t look like oh simply because you are trying to go into the entertainment industry, you have to neglect the important fact which you know is education.

Lydia Achebe

So I had to make them understand I could shuffle both, that this is something I’m really passionate about and this is something I’m good at. It took a whole lot of convincing and finally they let me go to an acting school after law school and NYSC, then from there I picked up on it professionally.


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Q: Your surname begs to ask, are you in any way related to the Legendary author, Chinua Achebe?

Well, yes – sort of, but it’s more like a compound name – it’s a distant one. We have Chinua Achebe, we have the Achebe which is the Obi of Onitsha. So, Achebe has been a compound strong name in Anambra state. They’re some worth connected but just complicated, nothing serious though.

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Q: In 2019, you emerged as a finalist for Miss Nigeria, how was that experience for you?

I was very excited but it was really tedious and it had to do with a whole lot of hard work. I don’t know how to put it but trust me, it was strenuous because we were waking really early o ensure that we were doing our exercises, we were given different tasks, we were given debate classes. Every single contestant is a Queen because everyone had that thing that made them stand out, we were all intelligent, we were all educated, we were all pretty and it was really competitive but I’m grateful I made it to the finalists.

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Q: Currently, you’re wearing the Crown of Miss Face of Beauty Nigeria Photogenic. How does that make you feel?

It makes me feel excited too. It’s one of those things I’ve achieved over time. I personally take my time to select the pageants I go for, I look out for those ones that truly really help young women make an impact in the growing ones and those ones that give you platforms to enable you discover yourself and enable you to do better at whatever it is you’re doing. Miss Nigeria is one pageant that has been there for years and it has helped so many young women. If you trace it back to their Ex-Queens; their lives, everything they’ve achieved, and how they’ve made an impact in the society, you’ll understand what I’m saying.

Lydia Actress Speaks

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So, Face of Beauty Nigeria, the reason I went for that is that I’ve never contested for any online pageant and I needed to try one, and I figured that theirs was really good, firstly knowing that it’s by a woman. I feel that women really understand themselves better, How girls relate with each other, get to grow themselves, and gives them more room to be comfortable with the brand. For pageants being handled by men, I’m not saying they can’t do it, but I feel like it’s much better when it’s done by women because it has to do with females, it’s a beauty pageant. Women should understand more about beauty, and emotions and how to relate with other people and how to make an impact, I just feel like it’s better off. So, most of the time, I particularly go to pageants that are owned by women.

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Q: Judging by these things you’ve said, you seem very passionate about the female gender. Should we consider you a feminist?

Sincerely I can’t say no or yes cos I do support feminism and also support change that helps women get equal opportunities and treatment but there’re things I still think that women should let the men do. I feel like being a feminist depends. These days people make it seem like being a feminist means that every single thing you’re talking about is that women are supposed to come first or that women are supposed to do every single thing a man can do but there are really some things that men should do, that men should actually be the one handling it and not the women so it depends on your view or what you see being a feminist as, basically.


Lydia Actress SpeaksQ: In the coming days, months, or years, what should we expect to see from the Queen herself?

Coming years from now I intend to be a very influential entertainer who is very principled in the sense that I want to live a good example.  I’m someone who is very strict with appearance, I’m very strict with attitude and being responsible, so I want to be that person that’d bring that platform to young women; you don’t have to be excessively beautiful for you to make an impact or for you to win a pageant or for you to be an entertainer, meaning for you to get into the entertainment industry.

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Also, you can be yourself, and still make it without any pressure from colleagues or social media especially because, sincerely, all that glitters isn’t gold. Everyone’s got their time, we all gotta work hard, be consistent, and wait for our time. So, I want to be that role model, that model, that person who can shuffle being in the corporate world and in the entertainment world and making an impact on the younger generation. I also intend to own a talent school overtime, because I feel like here in this country, we don’t put enough appreciation to people that are talented. Abroad, they have schools for people that are good with music, people that can act, people that can play tennis and I think we should have that here too, so over time, I intend to have a school of talent.

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Q: Kindly list some of the movies and modelling projects you have featured in

For movies and TV series, I have featured in My Flatmates tv series, Jennifer’s diary tv series, The Johnsons tv series, One for the Road by Ifektive, Rule no 1 by cut44 production, Masked by Sunny Okey, From a distance by royal arts academy, What are friends for by watts camera action, Being Farouk by Kayode Peters, and a few others. Graced a number of tv adverts and billboards by Modelling for a few top brands such as United Bank of Africa, Chivita, Hollandia, L’avyanna skincare, Nature’s Gentle touch, Gold Circle Latex, Slim Tea, Flat tummy tea, and Voney’s swim wear.

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Q: I bet your fans would like to know if you’re single or not.

No, I’m not single.

Lydia Achebe

Q: Any favorite quote?

God is never late and rarely early

Work hard even if it looks like it’s easy and whatever you do make sure it’s authentic – Kim Kardashian

Whatever you do, strive to be the best at it – Aliko Dangote

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Q: Any word of advice to younger people out there?

Well, what I’d tell them is that, you should never give up because you can never tell; the day you might decide to give up might be the day you’d actually make it. So you just have to keep trying every single day because you don’t know the exact day you’d end up making it. The day you decide to sit back might actually be the day, so you don’t want to sit back, you have to keep pushing. And as long as you’re prayerful, as long as you’re hardworking, as long as you’re consistent – because those things go in hand – you’ll definitely attain your goal.

Another thing, making it in the industry isn’t about your appearance, it’s about your talent, your networking skill with people, and how you can showcase yourself. It’s not really about your physical appearance because I hear so many people say ‘oh it’s only pretty women and good looking guys that make it in the industry, that’s not true. There are people out there that are searching for those that are really talented. And your attitude also matters a lot because that’s the only way people will call you for more jobs and recommend you to other producers, agencies. That’s it.

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