Parents Reveal Shocking Things They’ve Learnt About Their Children During Lockdown


  1. My children don’t like my cooking and I never knew.

I have 2 children of 7 and 5 years old respectively. We usually leave home very early on a daily basis due to the nature of my work and their father’s work, while they have to leave for school also.

I noticed that they never really finished the food I served them both at home and at school. I thought it’s the normal kids’ thing until the lockdown happened, few weeks into it I got them to play, and I was asking them what they missed the most due to the lockdown and they said school, I asked why and the younger one said that it’s an escape from eating my cooking.

I was shocked, normally I should be angry but I needed to know more so I engaged them further, long story short, they hated the food I cooked but lacked the courage to confront me.

My God!. I felt like an absolute failure, it was difficult to find out that I haven’t been satisfying them with cooking, so I spent the lockdown learning their favorite dishes and how best to cook it.


  1. My younger child is way too intelligent than the older one and I have always thought it to be the other way round.

I have always seen my 10 years old son as super-intelligent and of course, without mincing words he is. What I did not know is that his younger sister of 3 is doing absolutely better compared to him even when he was her age. At 3 she composes, words and asks more intelligent questions than him.

I noticed this and decided to test her academically. Before the lockdown my daughter was in KG 2, so I threw nursery one class works at her and within days she adjusted perfectly into nursery 1 class activities and that birthed several tests. not to mention exactly but she acts, thinks, articulates, reasons, responds, behaves way more intelligent than her senior brother.

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  1. My children prefer their father to me.

I don’t know why but I discovered that my children are more relaxed, happier and freer when their Dad is around, they could be with him all day and without a single sign of sadness, unlike with me, in short, they will prefer to read their books than to play with me.

I know I’m rigid but is it that bad?


  1. My son was nursing a grievance for his father since he was 5, he is 11 now, and only opened up to me when I confronted him after he told me that he hates his father.

So I realized that the relationship between my son and his father hasn’t been the way I’d loved it to be, there is always this divide between them, as expected the man never noticed or he didn’t just make meaning of it (the guys’ things) I guess.

But as the lockdown struck I felt I could study the situation, in one of our private time I invited my son and we began to discuss, he reminded me of how his father said so many hurtful things to him when he was 5 years old just because he stole a pencil in school, he cried bitterly saying that those words have refused to leave him and that he hated to see his father around. 6 years grievance, it’s definitely going to take a whole lot to heal.

But we have started.

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  1. My 3 years old son uses terrible adult words to insult people and I thought he was still learning how to talk.

I often thought my baby boy was learning to talk but there are no such insulting words that cannot escape out of his mouth, in short, in Yoruba.

At this point, I am tired.


  1. Cartoons are not all that good for children by the way.

We have often allowed our children ample time to watch cartoons as we consider it safe and made for the kids.

However, this hampers so much on their ability to reason. We were talking about a popular footballer and my son was shocked to find out that footballers are humans, needless to say, that he is 12 years old.

All thanks to his advancement from grades to grades of cartoons and my negligence as a father.

I have repented, it is a long walk but we will do it.

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