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PING! Let’s Throwback to the BBM era, Shall we?

PING! LET’S THROWBACK TO THE BBM ERA, SHALL WE?  The start of something is always good, euphoric even and a bit scary. But as they say, it’s the end you have to worry about. Blackberry messaging, popularly known as BBM was a groundbreaking feat in the Tech and messaging world.

It’s funny and sad how the kids of this generation won’t get to experience it, but not to worry, like me I’m sure there are a lot of us with memories and tales to tell of good ole BBM.

PING! Let's Throwback to the BBM era, Shall we? | Sequl Squid
PING! Let’s Throwback to the BBM era.

Let’s start with how BBM was our own version of an elite club back in the day, and by ‘our’ I really mean Nigerians because; well, na we dey do pass!

If you wanted to get into this cool clique, it was very easy, all you had to do was buy a Blackberry device. Sounds easy eh? It was and it wasn’t. You see, Blackberry really was just the iPhone of the past. It was like a magic phone given to you to feel classy, sleek, and cool. But like all magical fairytales, once the clock struck midnight you had to ditch the party, which in this case meant; once a new model comes out, you had to upgrade. That is if you want to stay classy and cool.

It was effortlessly easy for celebrities to bag them. I remember, as I’m sure most of you can, that the first time most people saw a Blackberry before acquiring theirs was in the hands of a celebrity, or a snotty fake guy down the street that fakes a British accent and had all your crushes running to him. Dayo, God will judge you!

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There are so many things I miss about the device, the top of all is the sound and the way excitement courses through your body once you hear ‘ping!!!’

Something else to note was how Blackberry messaging made courtship & toasting/flirting easier. If you were interested in someone, as a guy or girl, all you had to do was ask for their BBM pin. In fact, having a Blackberry gave you a sort of status, depending on the model you had. You see, there were levels to it.

There are a lot of things to reminisce about the Blackberry phones, and one of them is your Blackberry journey. This is the journey you embark on once you become a BB user. It usually starts with having a certain model then climbing your way up, sometimes you stumble, sometimes you drop, some people get back up, and some people stay down.

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My Blackberry journey began with a Blackberry Curve 8520 that had seen better days, it was popularly known as Curve 2. You see, I didn’t join the bandwagon early enough and by the time I did, I had to start small. Despite that, I did earn some winks and nods of approval from people around me, but I kid you not that phone was a nightmare. Never ever accept a hand-me-down Blackberry from a sibling. It’s disguised evilry. It’s almost usually a ploy to upgrade, that’s right, you’re the staircase. It was a classic case of ‘Daddy, Mommy I’ve given my Blackberry phone to my brother, you know he doesn’t have one. So you have to buy me another one.’


PING! Let's Throwback to the BBM era, Shall we? | Sequl Squid

Soon after I realized my folly, I rectified it by purchasing a white Blackberry 9700 (Bold 2) from computer village, Ikeja. Also, something important to note, when there is a craze about a particular phone nationwide, you’re more than likely to get a fake if you’re not careful. I wasn’t careful. The story of my first Bold 2 ended in premium tears. Nothing usually hurts like losing or selling your Blackberry or when it gets damaged. Suddenly you’re thrown back into the dark ages, but I also discovered that the lull could be good too.

When I returned back into the fold with my very brand new, very original Blackberry 9810 (Torch 2) come and see hailing! That was how I became the local celebrity amongst my peers. See how God works. From grass to grace. Lol. I mean, sure I lost contact with some very cool friends and lord, all my babes had replaced me, but it was all good.

Long story short, it was a rollercoaster ride from Torch 2 to a Bold 2, then a Curve 3, then a Curve 7, and a Bold 5. (God, I loved my Bold 5. Bring it back please!) I bought that same model three freaking times. When I got tired of being Bold, I switched to a Curve 5, a Torch 3, and then my very short-lived Q 10.

PING! Let's Throwback to the BBM era, Shall we? | Sequl Squid

You see those people that went all the way up, set awon Blackberry Porsche, Blackberry Passport, dem get mouth. I was never a fan of the high-end Blackberry phones so I didn’t bother. Besides, slowly it became obsolete and the more common Android phones of today which were a big deal then, took its spot. I think it was a contest between these Android phones and iPhones and somewhere down the line, Blackberry was kicked to the curb.

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Let me quickly add that there was no greater and truer act of love back then than paying for one’s BIS. Also, one of the crazy, painful, and hilarious thing that happens on the BBM app is Rapture. You will be chatting with somebody and poof, just like that, they are gone! That shit was wild.

I hope this brought back good memories for you. I would love to know what your Blackberry experience was like, what you miss most about the Blackberry phones, all of it. Kindly share and have a wonderful day.

Happy Throwback


By: Yusuf Zay

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