15 Painful Problems Every Short Guy Can Relate To

As a short guy, you deal with a lot of wahalaHere are 15 problems every short guy can relate to

1. When you have to stand on your toes to use the urinal

Problems Every Short Guy Can Relate To
Problems Every Short Guy Can Relate To

So you don’t mess up the floor or allow your little man touch the urinal

2. When people constantly advise you to go and eat beans

Problems Every Short Guy Can Relate To
Problems Every Short Guy Can Relate To

Oh my world

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3. When your tall girlfriend wears heels

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You become a dwarf immediately and your babe becomes a giant.  Chai

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4. Kissing your tall babe requires a little bit of creativity

Creativity short

When there’s a will, there is a way

5. Chair becomes your everyday companion


Because you can’t reach the top of the shelf. God help you there’s no chair in sight and you are the only one at home

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6. Reaching for your dreams becomes easier than reaching the floor


When you are sitting on a tall chair

7. Needing a neck massage after having a lengthy conversation with tall people


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Why can’t they stoop low to your level?

8. People looking down on you, because they literally are

Problems Every Short Guy Can Relate To Osita Iheme Quotes ...

Oh, well

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9. Spending more time adjusting your seat so your legs can’t reach the pedal

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Never lend your car to a tall person

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10. People using you as an armrest every time


Like you are some furniture

11. When you are standing in a BRT and you can’t hold the handrail


All the seats are occupied and you must stand.

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12. Pretending to pick clothes for your younger siblings in the kid section


it’s like buying fitted clothes

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13. When a tall person tries to hug you

Problems Every Short Guy Can Relate To

This is sweet if the hugger is a lady. At least you get a face full of bobby

14. People think your younger siblings are older than you because they are taller

Problems Every Short Guy Can Relate To

E be things

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15. Although the struggle is real, you are always at the front during group photographs


There’s always positivity in every struggle





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