Sinus Rhythm: Music Meets Medicine On Debut EP By Kollydee

It is no secret that Nigeria is home to a bedrock of talents, especially in the entertainment industry. One of such talent is Dr. Alade Kolade, popularly known by his stage name, Kollydee.  Kollydee is a Nigerian singer, songwriter, performer & medical doctor who came into the spotlight with the release of his debut R&B single “One More Try” in May 2016. Incredible isn’t it? A musician doctor. Well,  whenever he needs to give good news or bad news to a patient, at least we know how he’ll do it.

Sinus Rhythm: Music Meets Medicine On Debut EP By Kollydee

Kollydee started singing as early as the age of 6 and at 8 years old he joined the high school orchestra where he learnt to play the violin and was also the lead male vocalist of the school choir for 6 years before moving to Ukraine where he obtained his Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) degree and also built an outstanding music career for himself. Amazing and impressive, if you ask me. Medical school no be beans and juggling that with a budding music career? Ah, give the man his accolades, please.


Sinus Rhythm: Music Meets Medicine On Debut EP By Kollydee

In 2012, KollyDee performed alongside popular Ukrainian musicians and bands at the Euro 2012 closing ceremony in the lviv fan zone, which he described as one of the peak moments of his career and 3 years later KollyDee headlined his own concert themed ”KollyDee Dinner Concert” which took place on the 7th of March, 2015 in the beautiful city of L’viv. He was also invited to perform at the MTN MANDELA DAY CONCERT in Sandton, Johannesburg alongside major acts from all across Africa in July 2016. His major influences are Asa, Tyrese, Beyoncé, Michael Jackson, Ne-yo and Brandy.


Sinus Rhythm: Music Meets Medicine On Debut EP By Kollydee

Kollydee is set to release his debut EP on the 18th of November, 2020 called SINUS RHYTHM where he delivers a buffet of soulful, entrancing & sultry vocal performance on this R&B masterpiece. But the lead single Maria Maria drops on the 11th.

Sinus Rhythm represents a place of normalcy, love, and happiness for Kollydee. Sinus rhythm is a 6 track EP of mostly R & B and pop songs written and produced by Kollydee.

As someone who had the opportunity to listen to a few tracks of the EP in its developmental stage, I daresay with my full chest that ‘y’all ain’t ready!’ The lead single from the EP titled ‘Maria Maria’ which the artiste has teased fans with recently will be released soon and I guess the question on everyone’s mind is ‘who is Maria?’ Wahala for who no know Maria Maria oh. Wahala.


Sinus Rhythm promises to be 20 minutes of pure musical bliss that is touching, insightful, vivid, and relatable. Well, what did you expect when a man who heals with medicine and music merges both callings to create an unforgettable experience? I’ll tell you what I expect, pure divine healing of the body, mind, and soul via good music from a talented artiste.

Completely unrelated, but you should also know that the artiste is a fun and spirited young man with a love of food and fashion. A ready-made package of talent and pure vibes. A lot of folks have left Instagram for him. They couldn’t can!

Sinus rhythm is a medical term that means a normal heartbeat. This body of work means so much to Kollydee as he said and I quote; ‘I was just coming out of a dark place into a place of normalcy when writing these songs.’ Hence, Sinus Rhythm represents a place of love, normalcy and happiness for Kollydee and it is his hope that it will for you too.


Check out the tracklist of the highly anticipated EP and a link to pre-order! Never let it be said that I came and only spoke of good music without showing you where to get it


Track 1 Maria Maria 

Produced by SkirmisherBeats

Track 2 Losing My Mind (Olufunmi)

Produced by IV

Track 3 Stand By You

Produced by SkirmisherBeats, Femi Leye & Kollydee

Track 4 Wetin U Do

Produced by Olohi Brycx

Track 5  Bamidele

Produced by Olohi Brycx & M-base beats

Track 6 Super God (bonus) 

Produced by Jee Juh

All tracks written, mixed & composed by Alade Kolade except track 3 which was written by Alade Kolade & Oludarey Oyedele

A & R: Toks Asher Young

Executive Producer

Alade Kolade & M-base beats

For bookings & inquiries:

CONTACT: bookkollydee@gmail.com,   kollydee17@gmail.com

Preorder link:

Maria Maria – https://ps.onerpm.com/mariamaria-kollydee

Sinus rhythm EPhttps://ps.onerpm.com/sinusrhythmep



By Yusuf Zay

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