Story-Story: A Pastor Raped Me But…

She said “David you won’t understand” I sat wondering at the complexity of my curiosity, what could be incomprehensible like arithmetic I have no clue of? Well.

She stayed in the Northwest part of Nigeria where she just had her O’Level. She was sixteen. Beautiful. Intelligent. Innocent. Friendly. Graced. Inquisitive. Respectful.

She worked as a sales representative to a God fearing woman. Her boss loved her like her own daughter. But she didn’t take advantage of the love. She did all that was required of her and clears her task as quickly as she could.

A few months later, the boss invited her for dinner to meet the family. “My husband is a Pastor and would like to meet with you, I told him about you. So, would you?” her boss said. What a great privilege she thought to herself as she nodded in agreement to the invitation.

After the dinner, a word of prayer was said. She felt fulfilled. She left.

“My husband said you should come to the church for prayers,” My boss said to me.

I picked my bag and hurriedly left for church which I knew I didn’t need.
I got there. what I saw was different from what I expected, my boss’ husband Secretary was ridiculously rude to him that morning, I didn’t know why. I just thought maybe, she is having a rough day but doesn’t not how to manage her anger.

I never knew something was fishy. Innocent me. I pretended as though nothing had happened. I walked into his office. He was mute for a while. And he said, “I really need to pray for you.” Pray for me? I thought to myself. He wasn’t in a good mood. But he is angry. He repeated the same thing. I couldn’t object because this is Africa, where you don’t say No to Elders. Do I really need this prayer? Do I have a demon I can’t see? But I don’t look possessed.

I complied. He brought anointing oil. Anointed my head. That was the last thing I remembered. I was unconscious. When I woke up, my part overflowed. My flower was plucked by my boss’s husband. It was like a dream. I couldn’t believe my eyes. My virginity has been taken from me without my consent.

I had just been raped.

I was scared. There was nobody I could confide in. The fear of not believing me. The fear of being tagged as a home breaker. This was the scar in my heart. Whenever I hear R…, part of me shatters.

That was like eight years ago. David, You’re the second person I’m telling this. I have to live with this fate.

Mind you, I can’t marry a man who won’t satisfy me in bed. This is my fate.

I stared at her with compassion. The heaviness of my jaw would outweigh a scale as my lips had separated from each other from that day’s time immemorial.

By Ogar David. Follow him on Facebook HERE


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