Swamped; A Tragic Story

Swamped; A Tragic Story

She knew she had no place there, but she went anyways. She was like a rabbit in a lion’s den. Everywhere oozed of the booze.

Hadn’t she come to dance away her sorrow? Where was the vibe? In place of the overwhelming energy came a sudden, limp feeling.

“Wetin carry me come here sef?” She asked herself.

And as she turned to walk out, she heard voices behind her “she don dey go, she don dey go”. Confused, she turned around and saw some handsome, macho, Will-Smith-like men walk toward her.

“Well,” she thought, “this could be the beginning of an exciting night.” So she did her little shakara, swung the sultry hips in the smashing gown her sister lent her, and walked out, hoping they would run after her, like the hunters they were; and woo her of course.

She smiled her way out and she heard screams of joy as the song”party scatter” began to play but almost immediately the screams became dreadful as gunshots pierced the frenzy. She felt blood pour from her head as her legs grew weak, then the blood became a pool as the memories came…

Sohata had given her one of her numerous party dresses. Sohata had given her a ticket to the show. She said it was the best place for her to unwind after Chris had broken her heart.

Sohata said it’d be best if she went alone because it’d give her more chances to mingle. Sohata said the show would be hot.. And indeed it was…

Only that this heat scattered the party and the party scattered her heart and this time, the heart didn’t live to tell the story of a greater heartbreak.
Sohata was her twin sister. And she’d died in her place.

This is no Messiah versus sinner story,

for she never knew she was going to pay for the sins of Sohata.

By Favour Ene Daniel. Follow Her on facebook


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