The 10 Commandments Nigerians Living Abroad Should know

The 10 Commandments Nigerians Living Abroad Should know

This article is written with the intent of encouraging more camaraderie, support, and willingness to uplift.

1. Thou Shalt Leave With a Plan

Success abroad is not easy, but a plan makes it possible.

2. Thou Shalt Not Waste an Opportunity

In every opportunity that comes to you, give your absolute best, it is the Nigerian way abroad.

We are the doctors, the engineers, the scientist, valedictorians, accountants, etc. Know that you are continuing a lineage of excellence abroad. All those things you could not do back home, you have no more excuses.

Be great. Leaving home is not a call for rest.

Get off that plane, go through customs, and leave your mark on every opportunity so there will be no doubt that a Nigerian was there, and the Nigerian left no stone unturned. With this attitude, you will consistently overcome.

3. Thou Shalt Consistently Overcome

Whatever your motivation is for leaving home, hold on to it. Never forget why it was so important for you to start a brand new life away from everything you know and love.

The trials and tribulations have a silver lining but you will need the unrelenting enthusiasm that Nigeria has gifted you with. The resilience in your DNA, rely on it, stay true.

4. Stay true to the Green, White, Green

No matter what and no matter where you go, you are Nigerian first. Never forget it. Represent it.

5. Thou Shalt Represent

Staying true to our Nigerian heritage is one thing, being an advocate for our people is a different animal. One entails reflexes and reactions stemming from internalized behavior, the other requires a voice and purposeful action.

Nigeria is not a country of have-nothings. We are a country of should-have-everything. Don’t forget that. Don’t lose that confident and defiant chip on your shoulder. You are no less than anyone around you, wherever you go.

6. Connect With Other Nigerians

All those pains you feel, being so far away from home. You are not alone. Reach out and let one of us help. That emptiness you feel in knowing that your family raised you as a Nigerian, though you have never stepped foot in the country.

Trust in your unity while also being open to mixing with other cultures.

7. Thou Shalt Be Open-Minded

Be ready to mix.

Share our rich culture with others, mix with the world outside, bringing stronger values to a home that greatly needs reshaping.

8. Thou Shalt Keep an Eye on Home

Be on the lookout for things we can do to make Nigeria a better country. And when you return home, tell the truth.

9. Thou Shalt be Honest About His/Her Experience

We need to start telling our fellow countrymen about the many challenges of living abroad. Now that you have experienced it and overcome, spread the truth so people know exactly how it is over there

We can’t continue selling a story that isn’t real. And if we are willing to tough it out abroad, we ought to replicate that energy towards improving home.

10. Thou Shalt Give Back

Don’t forget to give back to whoever needs giving when you return home. That’s the only way we can improve this country.



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