Why Sundays Are Interesting In An Average Nigerian Home

There are many interesting funny facts about Sundays in a typical Nigerian home. In no particular order, here are some interesting things that happen in an average Nigerian home on Sundays


1. Bread And Tea

Bread and tea is usually the go-to food in most Nigerian homes on Sundays. Kids love this, especially some of us that grew up in Agege, oshodi, okoko and so on. It gave us the feeling of “big man children”. Now that I’m old, I know better.

One reason why this is prepared for breakfast is probably because it’s easy to prepare which enables Christians meet up with early morning services and Sunday schools


2. Rice Culture

The joy that fills our heart when we perceive the aroma of Rice and stew on Sunday afternoon knows no bound. The only bad thing is that your uncles and aunties will visit which will impact on your ration.


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3. Sunday Best Wears

Why Sundays Are Interesting In An Average Nigerian Home
Nigerian Christians rock their best clothes mostly on Sundays to church and if you may agree with me you will find out that anyone that rocks the most always want to be noticed by other people.

4. You Must Go Church
Why Sundays Are Interesting In An Average Nigerian Home
As a young adult/teenager, after spending the entire week in school, you definitely want to rest on Sunday but “fogerrit” that ain’t gonna happen


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5. After Church

Why Sundays Are Interesting In An Average Nigerian Home
“Daddy is watching TV and gisting with uncles and aunties, mummy is in the kitchen, here I am wondering when I will become an adult and have my freedom.” Sundays are usually boring for kids unless daddy goes out.


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6. Angry Dads

Why Sundays Are Interesting In An Average Nigerian Home

Many (if not all) Nigerian Dads are angry every Sunday morning before church because mummy always delays them and eventually make them attend church late. That anger usually transfers to the kids


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7. The Wrong Reasons

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Sundays are meant for church and eating rice but some Nigerians attend church for the wrong reasons.  Enough said


Do you have other reasons why you feel Sundays are very interesting within your location?
Share it in the comment section. Have a super blessed Sunday ahead. Happy Sunday!




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